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Clean Bio Hazardous MaterialsWhen it comes to cleaning bio-hazardous materials, all options and methods are considered to best remove contaminants and make an environment safe again. Here at Bio recovery Corp, we often receive new prototype chemicals and cleaning agents from various companies nationwide to use for specific situations. These chemicals are tested here at our facility to ensure proper use and safety measures before going into the field on a job. It’s a mutual way for companies, large or small to make their product known whilst enabling us to experiment and refine different cleaning methods. In some instances these companies have given us the upper-hand when it comes to case-specific cleaning agents. Certain scenarios in the past more or less utilized “house hold” chemicals and detergents, rather than professional, industrial grade chemicals that are best suited for different scenarios.

Since we cove many different types of clean ups, our cleaning technicians maintain scenario specific protocols depending on the severity of a clean up. For instance, in an environment where asbestos is present, preparation and isolation of the infected elements are critical to safely removing the deadly substance. An entire environment mused be tediously masked off and properly ventilated before the actually cleaning can begin. This procedure however, greatly differs from the clean up of a violent crime scene, whereas areas of contamination wouldn’t need to be isolated before remediation and the tools and chemicals used would vary. It’s important that commercial cleaning companies follow a set of strict set of guidelines when taking on a job, otherwise further parts of that environment may be at risk for contamination. Cleaning up blood for instance, puts one at risk to becoming infected with blood-borne pathogens including HIV and Hepatitis. Of course, with the advent of the internet search engine many people still figure they can clean such situations themselves to avoid costly charges from cleaning companies like Bio Recovery. Truth is, Bio Recovery works closely with insurance companies and adjusters to maximize your coverage through home owner’s insurance. So you have to think for a moment, is doing the job yourself really the best decision to make?