Crime Scene Cleanup for Businesses

When a tragedy occurs on your premises, It is your responsibility as a business owner or property manager to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises. At no point should you ever attempt to clean, disinfect, or remediate a crime scene or trauma scene yourself due to the dangers of blood borne infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, HBV, HBC, VHF’s. By assigning your own employees to clean such a mess, you are placing ALL the responsibility on you and your company. If an employee becomes sick due to a blood borne disease, the liability is yours and yours alone.

Here at Bio Recovery, we protect your assets. Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or run an industry, Bio Recovery wants to help you protect your investment. As a premier Bio-hazard removal company we are dedicated to discreet and efficient blood clean up.

From industrial accidents to remediation of an apartment you’re renting out, Bio Recovery provides you with knowledgeable, experienced technicians who are trained following guidelines set forth by OSHA, the EPA and the DEC. With over 15 years in the crime scene clean up, trauma clean up & blood clean up industry we have protected and served many thousands of individuals, property managers & companies nationwide.

Why risk leaving the job to unqualified blood clean up companies that are only looking to fill downtime in their schedules?  As a company ourselves, we understand the importance of a clean, safe work environment, and always strive to make sure that belief translates onto all of our clients. We are a national blood clean up company dedicated 24/7 to helping you get back to business as usual, we are able to properly clean and remediate the scene thereby removing the chance of infection and the spread of disease, which you as a property owner owe to all of your tenants, patrons, employees, customers and most of all yourself.

When contracting a company, such as Bio Recovery, you are reducing your liability by contracting the job to an outside, 3rd party company, who is properly trained, certified, and insured. Thereby removing you and your company from any further incidents on the property. Here are some of the companies we’ve serviced in the past. They entrusted us to get the job done:

Reduce your liability, Protect your assets.