Crime Scene Cleanup for Families

Nothing can be more traumatic to a family than losing a loved one. When the tragedy of suicide, accidental death or murder strike the last thing on your mind is cleaning up. However one little known fact is that after a casualty, the coroner’s office and medical examiners office are not responsible for the clean up of blood or other bio-hazardous waste once a body is removed from the premises. That is why companies, such as Bio Recovery, exist. We’re here to help clean up your residence so your family can mourn the deceased in peace.

At Bio Recovery we’re here to help with the aftermath and give grieving families compassion and respect in this, their greatest time of need. Our professional technicians specialize in homicide, suicide and crime scene clean up. We restore your residence to the state it was before the incident. No family should EVER be forced to take on the task of Bio-hazard clean up in the wake of a tragedy.

In such cases, always contact a Certified Crime Scene Cleanup Company with experience in handling such clean ups. Standard cleaning companies do not possess the expertise and knowledge to properly clean, disinfect and remediate a trauma scene and Improper cleaning may lead to a persistent decomposition odor residing in the house, as well as the chance to spread blood borne infectious diseases and pathogens in bodily fluids. The last thing your family needs is for a child or family member to become sick.

Some Bioremediation Companies out there will charge for such services in exuberant amounts. Disguising crimescene clean up as a “premiere” service. They charge tens of thousands of dollars for even the smallest of clean ups. By deceiving families into thinking that all services rendered are 100% covered by insurance, they enter the premises, clean the house, and then bill the grieving family large amounts. Even going as far as placing liens on the home and taking the families to court.

Trauma Scene, Blood Clean Up and Restoration Services for Grieving Families

Bio Recovery has been in business for over 15 years. We’ve helped families per bono when insurance was non existent. We pride ourselves on providing our caring touch for families that are going through grief or pain. Don’t view us as a company providing assistance; we’re a friend who wants to help. Most of our services, including Crime Scene Cleanup & suicide clean up services are often covered by Home owners insurance, or your local state’s crime victims associations.

We’re all about giving back and helping the families in need. NO liens, NO lawsuits, NO destroying families hope more than they already are! That’s why we started this company, to help families be safe; after over two decades we’re still the #1 in crime scene clean up services, That’s why we’re still in business and still going strong.