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Ambulance Decontamination Long IslandOn a daily basis, ambulances experience individuals dealing with heart issues, wounds, gun shots, and many other gruesome situations. When dealing with so much blood and bodily fluid, it is vital that the ambulance be decontaminated multiple times in a day so that there is no risk of catching any disease or coming into contact with hazardous waste.

If you are looking for certified hazmat cleanup services in Long Island to properly sanitize your ambulances, Bio Recovery is just the partner! Don’t be the ambulance that exposes riders to deadly diseases, including Ebola.

Biohazard Decontamination Services

First and foremost, Bio Recovery has a passion for serving customers of all kinds with professional bio hazard decontamination services. Our certified and licensed staff has been serving clients all over the country for more than 20 years. No matter what time of day, we can sanitize all types of vehicles!

Additionally, our team will work discreetly so that no one around you is alarmed by the intense cleaning.

Decontaminating an Ambulance

This cleanup process is very intense from start to finish. Especially when dealing with a very deadly disease like Ebola, sanitizing the ambulance from “head to toe” is a requirement.

We have completed multiple ambulance cleanup services in Long Island whether the emergency vehicle is contaminated by a deceased individual had bodily fluids throughout the vehicle, a person with a highly contagious infection or for excessive blood spill. Disinfecting an entire vehicle is no easy task, however our experts at Bio Recovery are able to restore the condition of any ambulance back to a safe environment.

Ambulance Decontamination Process:

Our cleaning team always wear hazmat suits for protection and work intensely to neutralize bacteria in the ambulance. Our fogger is used throughout the ambulance to help release a special chemical, Microban, that serves as an intense sanitizer. This chemical is sprayed everywhere throughout the ambulance and is strong enough to kill all diseases, even Ebola.

Then, our team will bring in the Airzone XT-14-Thousand machine that costs over $10,000. This machine uses Ozone to get rid of any remaining bacteria in the vehicle. Lastly, the ambulance is sealed shut with duct tape and it is left alone for 6 hours. Your ambulance is then decontaminated and ready for use.

Long Island Vehicle Cleanup Experts

So, if you have an ambulance in Long Island that needs decontamination services, Bio Recovery is ready to help. Our team can handle the mess, no matter the condition. Give us a call today at 1-888-752-5001 to set up cleaning services for your contaminated ambulance. We will have your vehicle back to working order in no time!