Asbestos in Old Homes

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In the 1930’s, asbestos was discovered as a very good material for building homes. It is tenacious and fire resistant and was used in home shingles till the 1970’s when it was discovered that it caused a lot of diseases.

If your home was built in that era, it is quite possible that asbestos might have been used for it. Now, just because asbestos is present in your home does not mean that you’ll develop the diseases it causes. It is only when the asbestos is damaged, and the fibers are released into the air that there is a risk to your health.

Most people who suspect an asbestos presence in their home want to remove it as soon as possible. And this is a job that is best left to professionals as removing the asbestos can cause the fibers to become airborne and put your and your loved ones at risk.

Currently, there are a lot of regulations and laws that govern the disposal and removal of asbestos.

The first thing to do is to have a professional inspect your shingles. If they are still in good condition, the best thing to do is leave them as they are as the fibers won’t be released and won’t be a health risk. If you do have asbestos shingles and decide to leave them as they are, it is important that you do not cut into or drill them as this can loosen the fibers.

If the shingles are bad, there are two options available, either you repair them, or you remove them. For them to be repaired, they must be enclosed professionally so they won’t become a danger to others. They must be removed by a professional, and the disposal could be tricky as there are some places that do not allow disposal of asbestos waste.

Asbestos disposal could be expensive. There are a lot of government regulations that need to be met. The removal, gathering, and transportation of the asbestos must be done by those that are adequately protected and are highly safety conscious. Asbestos fibers must not be inhaled so there should be a lot of protective gear and clothing. Adequate care should be taken to ensure that none of the asbestos fibers come in contact with the environment while the removal is taking place. It is a very serious process that should not be taken lightly.

Thankfully, most of the homes that make use of asbestos shingles are gone forever.

What steps should I take if I discover that an asbestos product is used in my home?

The first step to take is not to freak out. Call a professional Asbestos Abatement company and have them test the product. If it is found that there asbestos in your home, they’ll advise you on how they’ll carry out Asbestos Abatement in your home.