The OSHA Standards for Reducing Bloodborne Pathogen Risks

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OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and Risks

Key PointsTypes of Bloodborne PathogensOSHA Bloodborne Pathogens StandardImplementing an Exposure Control PlanInformation and TrainingA bloodborne pathogen (or BBP) is any … Read More

Do Home Birth Cleanups Require Biohazard Certifications?

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Key-PointsCleaning up after a home birth is messyProfessional bio specialists can quickly clean birthing tubs and roomsWe are specially trained … Read More

Safe Blood Removal: It’s Not a DIY Project

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Key-PointsSafe blood removal.What is blood removal & why is it important?Why blood contamination requires careful, professional cleanup.Who will clean blood … Read More

Why Time is a Factor in Body Decomposition Cleanup Costs

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One of the biggest factors for any job Bio Recovery handles is time. Even in death time still determines every aspect of a clean up from the type of equipment used, the amount of chemicals, to the number of technicians on site. Of course time has the biggest impact on the bio itself. When a person dies, the body undergoes several stages of decomposition. With each following stage comes with it the potential for surrounding environmental damage to occur. Most severe… Read Full Post