Top Causes of Workplace Deaths and Serious Injuries

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Workplace Accidents Workplace accidents, unfortunately, do happen. Sometimes they are preventable, sometimes not. OSHA keeps regular statistics on the primary causes of deaths and serious injuries. In 2016, 5,190 workers were killed on the job. This is actually down on average – the trend has been down since 1970. Injuries have also dropped over the same period. For the most … Read More

Is Blood Cleanup in Your Job Description?

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Cleaning Up Blood Anyone who grew up watching ER or Grey’s Anatomy might get the impression that doctors and patients alike get covered in spilled (or spurting) blood on any given day. “Real life” Medical professionals—not those who just play doctors on TV—will tell you true stories about treating workplace injury patients, suicides, and victims of violent crime. While they’ll roll their eyes at the … Read More

Auto Buyers & Sellers: Beware the Biohazard Car

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Biohazard Cars Biohazard cars aren’t the vehicles that medical waste collectors use to make their rounds. They’re not even the label we assign to our teenager’s junker, filled with Bugles crumbs, junk food wrappers, and gym socks. Cars and RVs in which someone has committed suicide, experienced a serious nosebleed, or have otherwise excreted bodily fluids are candidates for classification … Read More

Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea Free of Infectious Diseases

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The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or KCDC, has developed an Olympic Task Force that’s been in operation since September. The KCDC, which is part of South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, started this task force in order to prevent and respond to any contagious illnesses that may spread during the 2018 Winter Olympics, which is being … Read More

5 Top Bio Thrillers For Your Bookshelf

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Bio Thrillers for your Bookshelf Do you like thrillers? So-called techno-thrillers have become a big thing lately – and a subset of them is the “bio thriller,” which focuses on pathogens. In other words, a plague story – but without zombies (unless scientifically explained, of course). Looking for a story where the world is decimated by superflu? Or where ecoterrorists … Read More

What’s All The Fuss About “Popping” And Pus?

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Online videos showing cyst lancing, zit popping, etc, have grown in popularity lately. Apparently, a lot of people like to watch pus come oozing out of skin from zits and more, as long as it's somebody else's.  Bio Recovery had some folks look into the how and whys of this phenomenon. Why People Do It? Why do people like these so ... Read More

The New Face and Longer Reach of Opioid Dependency

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The Opioid Crisis and Unattended DeathYou've seen the news. We're experiencing an epidemic of opioid addiction and opioid dependence. Our President has called it a "National Emergency", and first responders, emergency medicine practitioners and—tragically—post-mortem service providers are overwhelmed. As a society, the stereotypical "junkie" was easy to spot. Nowadays, she looks like you or me. Bankers, teachers, business owners, tradespeople. ... Read More

How To Ask For Help in a Crisis

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How to ask for help in a crisis Whether you’ve suffered trauma, death in the family or have been displaced from your home due to fire, flood or other environmental damage, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Seeking help is difficult, especially when you’re overwhelmed, but if ever was a time to reach out, it’s now. Family Liaison  Word … Read More

Crime Scene Craze: Top 7 Best Crime Scene Investigation Shows Since 1997

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Top 7 Best Crime Scene Investigation Shows Since 1997   Here at Bio Recovery, we take pride in our professionalism and service in crime scene clean up. However, we also have downtime and know how popular and exciting crime scene investigation shows have become. Next time you are flipping channels in hopes of satisfying your crime scene mystery cravings, check … Read More