Cleaning Up and Drying After a Flood

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Damages caused by flood are exceptionally devastating. If instant actions were not taken after the flooding situations, things can become worse. Water remediation including flooding cleanup should be done at your earliest before adverse situations emerge. Learn More.

Who Cleans Up After an Airbnb, Hostel, or Hotel Crime?

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Cleaning a Hotel After a Crime

NYC Hotel Crime Scene CleaningEven though the crime rate might be down right now in New York City, when tragedy strikes in a NYC hotel, thing start moving fast. EMS responds within minutes to evaluate the health of the victim and transport him/her to an area hospital, and the police begin their investigation to determine what happened, who is at fault and if any charges need to be filed. Meanwhile, the crime scene is combed for fingerprints and evidence to piece together what just happened. Read Full Post

Flood Remediation New Jersey

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NJ Flood CleanupIn New Jersey, the spring season often brings large amounts of rain across what is known as the garden state. At times, the rain can be so drastic that some areas begin to flood. In an instant, roads can overflow with rainwater causing wrecks, hydroplaning, and other damage to vehicles, as well as homes. As much as we try to rely on the local meteorologist, weather sometimes is too unpredictable for even the most knowledgeable individuals to be able to track a storm. These heavy rains can cause flood damage to homes and buildings across the region. Read Full Post

Meth Lab Decontamination Indiana

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Meth Manufacturing Decontamination IndianaIn 2014, there were over 1,416 meth lab incidents in the state of Indiana. This means that at least 1,416 lives and properties have been torn upside down. This does not include the neighbors, friends, and families that may be living in the home or near the home of someone who created a meth lab. Once someone has created an area to cook meth or other drugs, health risks can remain present for years after. Many states now require legal testing for an area that has been previously known to have cooked meth. For safety and health reasons, if you are responsible for, living, or occupying a place that has been known to cook meth, it’s important that you… Read Full Post