Lead Paint Removal New York State

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There is something about historic homes that captivate people and draw them in. Whether its the structure, location, or history of the home that seals the deal, once it’s yours, it’s hard to give it up! So what happens if you own a home, apartment, or property that has that historic charm but hazardous conditions? If you live in New York, Bio Recovery is here to help you make your property safe and beautiful once again. If you are looking for lead paint removal and abatement services, Bio Recovery is your nationwide crime scene cleanup and biohazard crew that will help get your property free of lead once and for all. Read Full Post

Lead Paint Removal New York

Bio Recovery HelpLead Based Paint Removal New York

Coming into contact with lead based paint can be very dangerous for your children, pets, and your own health, as it can cause lead poisoning. The fumes, chips and dust from lead based paint are what individuals really need to stay away from because if it ingested into your system, it can spread through your bloodstream. If you believe that your home or office may be exposed to lead based paint, it is important to call lead paint removal specialists immediately. If you are in New York, there is no better team to partner with than Bio Recovery for all of your New York Lead Paint Removal needs…Read Full Post