Infectious Disease Decontamination New York

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Infection Control Services NYIf you have turned on your television in the last year, you have heard of the Ebola scare that our country has faced. The media has shown health care workers in hazmat suits risking their lives by the possible exposure that patients could bring into the hospital. The Ebola Virus can be fatal and cause serious illness. For this reason, certain protocols and procedures are put in place if the need for them was to ever arise. While at Bio Recovery we are ready for any ]Ebola Virus Decontamination that may arise, we also recognize the importance and need for other types of communicable disease cleanup Read Full Post

Ambulance Decontamination Long Island

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Ambulance Decontamination Long IslandOn a daily basis, ambulances experience individuals dealing with heart issues, wounds, gun shots, and many other gruesome situations. When dealing with so much blood and bodily fluid, it is vital that the ambulance be decontaminated multiple times in a day so that there is no risk of catching any disease or coming into contact with hazardous waste. If you are looking for certified biohazard cleaning professionals in Long Island to properly sanitize your ambulances, Bio Recovery is just the partner! Don’t be the ambulance that exposes riders to deadly diseases, including Ebola! Read Full Post