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According to a report published by the CDC, suicides are the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. The highest suicide rate is reported in the age group for people 45 to 64 years old. Followed closely by an elderly population with the second highest rate among people over 85 years old. White men make up the largest percentage of suicide deaths. Firearms are the most common method used in suicidal deaths. The unexpected death of a loved one is difficult at any age. The use of a gun makes Suicide Cleanup more complicated and messy. Expert crime scene cleaners at Bio Recovery are trained and equipped to handle all aspects of death cleaning including Body Fluid Removal.

Body Fluid Removal Specialists

After someone has died by suicide it can be a long period of time before the body is discovered. The manner of death and location of the deceased are instrumental in determining the most effective method for Body Fluid Removal. Guns play a large role in suicidal attempts particularly among men. Significant blood spill is often found where a suicide decedent has used a firearm. Care must be taken to remove all traces of body fluids from the scene.

Suicide Cleaning Team

Locations where body decomposition has begun require the help of a professional Suicide Cleaning Team. Decay can begin quickly during the heat of summer. Body fluid removal is a strenuous task in which biologically hazardous materials can be found deep within carpets and furnishings right down to the underlayment. Noxious odors, bacteria and insects make a hazardous situation more difficult to remediate.

Discreet Suicide Cleanup

The affects of Suicide can be felt throughout a community. Friends, family and acquaintances are often at a loss for words and need time to grieve each in their own way. Bio Recovery technicians work to protect the privacy of those coping with a loss. We work very discreetly and efficiently to be considerate of your grief. Any recoverable items will be decontaminated to preserve memories.

Respectful Crime Scene Cleaners

Contact the Certified Crime Scene Cleaners at Bio Recovery for respectful and discreet suicide cleanup services. Our technicians are educated on the proper techniques and tools necessary to restore the scene of a suicidal death. Cases of unattended death create a more hazardous situation for Body Fluid Removal. Call in the experts to get the job done right.

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