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Hoarding is a complex psychological disorder that affects millions in our country. It is characterized by an excessive need to keep personal items and a strong reluctance to get rid of these items. Over time, the piles of belongings literally pile up in a home, causing unsafe living conditions. Convincing a loved one to seek hoarding cleanup help is a challenge, as many that battle this condition are embarrassed, depressed, anxious and their instinct is to try to push others away and even deny there is a problem. Returning function to a home is difficult, time consuming and often requires the help and support of a professional cleanup service, trained to compassionately and sensitively help sort your belongings and restore the home to safety.

Bio Recovery has a hoarding cleanup crew that can enter a home and respectfully communicate with the individual and develop a plan to slowly make progress toward small, manageable clutter and sorting goals. For example, the first goal may be to clean the area by the front door so that the individual could leave the home when needed, and others could enter.


Hoarding Cleanup: One Item at a Time

It may take months for someone with a hoarding disorder to agree to let someone in his/her home with the purpose of decluttering, purging and sorting their belongings. The team at Bio Recovery understands that this is a particularly vulnerable time for this individual and our team is trained in communication strategies to encourage this person to let them help, one item at a time. This requires an enormous amount of trust, patience, and time. These healthy and helpful cleanup strategies have worked for hundreds of people struggling with hoarding in the New York area.

Bio Recovery’s experienced team will establish trust with the individual and engage them in the process of goal setting. We can help sort through the thousands of items in the home one by one and slowly begin to restore the area to safety. We can also help dispose of all unsalvageable property and that which is difficult to part with. Our team understands the intensity and difficulty of the disorder and will treat the individual with kindness, respect and compassion.

If you or someone you love battles hoarding disorder, there is help and there is hope. The first step is reaching out and taking that first step. Give our team a call today at 1-888-752-5001 and let us help you.