Crime Scene Clean Up Newark

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Newark, NJ, was ranked number three in the country for homicide rate in 2013. That’s a scary number, and although we are trying to bring it down, it’s not going to happen overnight. Following a violent crime there are many people that come when called, including first responders, investigators, forensic scientists, and crime scene clean up technicians. If the last mentioned people don’t come, then the victims of violent crimes and their loved ones are responsible for cleaning up the grim remains. And that’s why Bio Recovery is here to help with crime scene clean up for the residents of Newark, NJ.

Crime Scene Clean Up Professionals

At Bio Recovery, we know what it takes to clean up a crime scene because we’ve been doing it for well over 15 years and are trained and certified to handle any biohazardous material, which is what the remains of a crime scene are classified as at the federal level. We have taken many courses and have obtained many certificates so that we are sufficiently prepared to handle any biohazards that we may encounter during the clean up of a crime scene in Newark. This experience is all very important, because there are severe risks that are associated with crime scenes.

The Reality Of Cleaning A Crime Scene

First and foremost, people don’t walk through crime scenes with their skin exposed, as per some crime and investigative television shows. Most people also uses respirators so they aren’t breathing in any infectious materials. Now, what might these risks be? Well, the two biggies are HIV and Hepatitis, which always have the possibility of contraction when spilled blood is present and it is unknown if the victims would test positive for those diseases. But there are other risks as well, more infectious diseases and bacteria. For instance, when the human body expires, the bladder is released, so there is usually fecal matter present at the scene as well. There are also other toxins that can vary from scene to scene, but they are almost always dangerous to a person’s health. Not to mention the emotional toll it takes on somebody to clean up ghastly scenes on a daily basis, these are all reason why you want to hire a professional crime scene clean up crew in Newark. We have the equipment and the know-how to get the job done right and safely. And by safely, we mean for us and for you. We restore the scene so that you can get back to it without any concern for your physical well-being—we know the emotional side is going to be tougher to maintain. So after an atrocious incident happens, and the police come, call us at 1-888-752-5001, and we will make the area safe again. Whatever we can do to help.