Crime Scene Cleaner Pros instead of Maids

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Crime Scene Cleaners New York

Whenever a crime occurs, and the authorities are notified, they take some time to get all the evidence they need from the crime scene. By the time they are finished, there are chances that the building which harbored the crime scene will be drastically affected by the blood and fluids at the crime scene. At this time, the blood will have seeped into porous surfaces like floorboards and walls attracting odor causing bacteria and causing stains. Most people assume the authorities will get the perpetrators of a crime in time, but this doesn’t always happen. Most of the crimes will go unsolved and the longer it takes, the lower the chances of solving the case. This is why after investigators are done collecting evidence; you should call a professional crime scene cleanup company to clean the house and avoid weakening the structure of the house and remove odor causing bacteria together with all the stains.

Instead of getting the crime scene cleaned up by your maid or a maid’s service; get a professional crime scene cleanup company to do it for you. If there are toxic fluids left at the crime scene, the crime scene cleanup company will eliminate them together with any other biohazards such as blood and fluids that might be detrimental to your family. They have the chemicals and the experience to do it, unlike the maid service which will use the ordinary detergents.

Unlike what most people think, crime scene cleanup involves a lot more than just a couple of buckets and mops. A crime scene cleanup company will be discrete and will follow certain protocols while speaking to your curious neighbors. This will help avoid bias from the neighbors and friends.

Crime scene cleanup also includes other associated services such as repainting a wall, remodeling, home repair and others. Just in case your house was damaged during the crime, you will not need to call another repair company to do the repairs or paint after the crime scene cleanup guys are gone. Most of the crime scene cleanup companies offer these associated services.

During the cleanup, there are chances that your professional remediation company might come across something that could be marked as evidence. The process should stop immediately, and the relevant authorities notified. There are little or no chances that a maid service will recognize anything that might look like evidence. Their job is to clean up the place and move on to the next one, unlike the crime scene cleanup company.