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Serious car accidents happen all too frequently in New York. Unfortunately, all too often, individuals inside the vehicles are hurt, and at times pedestrians, bikers, and other onlookers are injured as well on the street. Whose responsibility is it to clean the streets when this happens and make sure that the biohazard risk has been eliminated? You might be surprised to learn that there is not a clear answer to this in New York or any other state. Depending on the situation, there are times when human remains can be left on the streets of New York indefinitely, putting thousands of innocent individuals at risk every day. In fact, sometimes it is only when a bystander takes notice and alerts the authorities of the biohazard, that cleanup can occur.

The Aftermath Of An Accident

First responders and other authorities do their very best to respond to accidents and crime scenes to take the best possible care of the victims, all while piecing together clues about exactly what happened. Their job is difficult and they are pulled in many different directions. Often the need for biohazard clean up is simply missed, perhaps one city agency thinking another will complete the task. This means that remains are left behind on the streets and sidewalks, without anyone realizing it, exposing countless individuals to infection, bacteria and disease.

Crime Scene Cleanup: New York Blood and Fluid Cleanup

Bio Recovery is a crime scene and trauma cleaning service company that specializes in restoring an area (residence, business, or public place) back to safety after a crime, trauma or accident. We work closely with law enforcement and we are often contracted for biohazard clean up, when a scene is left behind in the streets, or anywhere else. We use professional grade cleaning agents and equipment to leave the area safe. As one of the leading professional crime scene cleanup teams in New York, we can take care of any type of crime, trauma or accident scene at any moment. Obviously, the sooner the cleanup occurs, the safer those in the area will be, so we recommend calling our team immediately after an accident, once the scene has been cleared, to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and spreading blood, body fluids and other tissue.