Crime Scene Cleanup in The City of New York

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New York Crime Cleaning

Homicide clean up is probably the most difficult job that our crime scene cleanup crew handles on a daily basis. Even for our experienced crew, it can be difficult to clean an area with the knowledge of the violent act that occurred. This is, of course, compounded for family and friends, who knew the victim well and are left in utter shock and horror knowing how their loved one met their fate. However, once the first responders have completed their work, our team is committed to entering the scene, cleaning, disinfecting and restoring it to safety so that you and your family can begin to move forward. Bio Recovery provides this service for New York City, NY and can respond to your need immediately, 24/7/365.

New York City Blood and Body Fluid Cleanup

The first job of NYC crime scene cleaners is always to thoroughly eliminate all traces of blood, bodily fluid and any other remains at the scene. These are biohazardous materials are that can transmit infection and disease to others who may inadvertently come in contact with them. The murder clean up team at Bio Recovery will quickly restrict access to the area until it is restored to safety. Our team always wears protective gear so that they can safely clean the area and prevent any potential cross contamination. We use only professional grade cleaning products for this job—this is no job for bleach–and clean repeatedly until all traces of biohazardous materials are gone. Finally, our team will then properly dispose of all of the materials so that no one else has contact with them.

Our primary goal is to take the burden of crime scene cleanup off of the family’s shoulders. There is absolutely no reason that this should ever be handled by loved ones, so we meet each job with compassion, respect and discretion. Our team will do everything possible to make this part of the process a bit easier on you so that you can focus on other important tasks like notifying other friends and family and making funeral arrangements.

Professional New York City Crime Cleanup

Bio Recovery’s crime clean up team serves residential and commercial properties in New York City. With a strong, capable and highly trained team with that kind of reach, you can be sure that you will receive professional, courteous and immediate service. Give us a call at 1-888-752-5001 if you need us.