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Queens County Crime CleanupIt seems like violence has been all over the news lately. Two shot and killed in Queens County, NY. One murdered on the edge of Queens County, NY. When is all of this going to stop? The only people left are the ones that truly suffer. Loved ones, family members, and friends are all left with the pain after any crime is committed, especially if it happens within their home. The stress of a crime can bring with it so much pain and heartache. The last thing anyone wants to think about is how they are going to clean up the mess. If you or a loved one falls victim to a crime and you are left with a mess, Bio Recovery is here to help. We offer Crime Scene Cleanup to the Queens County, NY area, take time to grieve and leave the mess to us.

Our Certified Biohazard Cleanup Crew

With over 15 years of experience in cleaning up biohazardous and crime scene areas, Bio Recovery is committed to providing excellent service. Our certified cleanup technicians are trained in proper decontamination methods and protocols to completely clean and sanitize your home or business. We are so committed to our customers that we go above and beyond the standards that OSHA, EPA, and DEC requires and follow optimum safety techniques…but that’s not all we do. We understand that this may very well be the worst time of your life. No one chooses this. Therefore, all of our technicians offer empathy and compassion in their day to day job. We complete our job with complete discretion and make it a point not to fraternize with media, neighbors, or anyone else looking to gossip. We are fully aware that you deserve respect and privacy and therefore we offer our services at anytime of the day or night arriving timely in an unmarked vehicle.

Professional Crime Cleaning

Calling in a maid service for this type of environment or trying to do it yourself is not wise. When dealing with dangerous objects and bodily fluids, please leave it up to us. All bodily fluids are considered a biohazard. If exposed, it can lead to serious infections, including death. For your safety and the safety of others, our professionally trained team can clean and sanitize the area, dispose of any unrestorable items, and completely decontaminate any microscopic organisms that the naked eye may not be able to see. Our knowledge, skill set, and proper equipment, will all help get you back into your property in a timely manner.

So, if you are left with the unfortunate leftovers of a crime scene, call Bio Recovery today. If you live in the Queens County, NY area, contact us anytime at 1-888-752-5001.