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Crime scenes can be wretched and unbearable, can include homicide, suicide, or assault, and can be draped with spilled blood, body fluids, and the recently departed. So what happens when a sickening incident disrupts your life? The result is much more intense than anything imaginable because it affects your life, your property, and everyone and everything you care about so much.

Bio Recovery is a professional Crime Scene Cleanup Company that offers Professional Certified Sanitation Services in and around Danbury, Connecticut. After investigations are conducted by law enforcement, forensic scientists, and news crews, the location of the crime is still covered with the remnants of the brutal act – all left for the victim’s grieving family or property owner to clean up.

If you ever end up in this position, call Bio Recovery for help today.

Crime Scene Cleanup Danbury

The cold truth is that not only does the obligation to clean the remains of monstrous acts fall on the shoulders of loved ones, but with that obligation comes grave health risks to whoever actually does the cleaning. And until they are is sufficiently disinfected, anyone occupying the location at a later date is at risk, too.

All bodily fluids have been deemed biohazardous and can lead to infection and disease. Whether you want to restore the location of the crime scene back to its previous state to keep living at the site, or if you’d like to put the property on the market, our services will ensure the well-being of everyone who inhabits it afterward.

Our professional cleaning technicians have the required certifications needed to decontaminate the area, the permits to dispense of any irrecoverable items, and the passion to fix crime scenes and hopefully relieve some worry from victims and loved ones. Our desire is to ensure that no more misery comes from the crimes that have been perpetrated and that everyone affected has their best opportunity to recover, without the extra worry of getting the area back to a safe and usable state.

Working in the Danbury crime scene cleanup field for over 20 years, we’ve helped countless families, businesses, and communities following their most chilling moments. Our wide range of services are performed throughout Connecticut and include crime scene clean up, trauma clean up, hoarding recovery, hazardous waste removal and disposal, asbestos abatement, and mold/water remediation.

Below is a full list of services we provide within Danbury and the surrounding area.

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