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Hoarding Cleanup Services NYAre you one of those people that collects items continuously and never gets rid of them? If not, maybe you have a family member that falls into this category? These individuals that let items and trash overcome their living space are known as hoarders. If the mess caused by hoarders does not get addressed quickly, it can cause health issues to everyone that comes into contact with the location. If you live in need of Hoarding Cleanup Services in New York, Bio Recovery has you covered. Don’t try and tackle this mess on your own. Instead, partner with a team of experienced professionals that can bring your living space back to its normal state.

Dangers Caused by Hoarding

  • Pollutants – Excess trash and objects can cause mildew, mold, and other pollutant issues. If not addressed, the air that circulates within the location can become polluted, causing long term health issues.
  • Structural Issues – Weight placed on the structure of one’s home can become an issue because of hoarding. Homes can only withstand so much weight. The excess weight can cause structural damage over time, if not addressed.
  • No Clear Path – Especially for the elderly, it is important for there to be a clear path for individuals to walk around within a home. The more piles and items hoarded within a home can make it difficult for anyone to move around the home. Tripping or falling can occur, leading to broken or fractured bones.
  • Fire Hazard – Excess items around the home make it more likely that a fire can ignite. Additionally, the items can cause a much larger fire than in a clean home.

Experienced Hoarding Cleanup Team

Our experienced hoarding cleanup team can assist you with determining what items should be kept, and which ones should be thrown away. We can provide a complete clean up of your home to ensure that it is completely sanitary upon your return. We take pride in providing clients with respectful and confidential service throughout the cleanup process.

Now is the time to take initiative to take control of your life. If you know someone that is a hoarder, or you are one yourself, there is help available for you! If you live in New York, team up with Bio Recovery for all of your hoarding cleanup needs. Call us today at 1-888-752-5001 and get your home back to normal and under control!