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There are people who are very sentimental and are too attached to their belongings. This is one of the many reasons that one requires hoarding cleanup services from certified companies such as bio recovery and crime scene cleanup. Such clean up companies not only offer physical cleanup but also offer emotional support. Hoarding disorder is characterized by the difficulty of letting go of stuff that you no longer use. It could be your childhood toys, clothes you no longer wear or do not fit anymore. Also used up containers, plastic bags or having a room full of pets can cause a hoarding problem.

It may not be a problem at first, but over a certain period of time, hoarding starts to pose safety risks. Some of the risks include;

  • Rats and other dirt dwelling animals infestation- having a clutter of trash lying all over provides a perfect habitat for rats and other dirt dwellers. Waste from these animals could over time become a biohazard and risk infections
  • Injuries- the clutter all over your house are not stable and could come down on you causing injuries. They could also trip you as they leave narrow or no pathways.
  • Fire- in case of a fire, the trash in your house cause fast fire spread, limiting the chance of recovery of precious items. The clutter also narrow the escape gap since they have blocked the exits making it hard to save yourself or be saved.

Besides these risks, lack of cleaning the ever accumulating pile of trash may cause shame. No one wants to invite friends and family over, with their house full of trash and bad odor. This is where hoarding cleanup services come to your rescue.

Once contacted, hoarding cleanup team work hand in hand with you to establish what gets thrown away and what stays. Not all items are thrown away since they may have some good memories or even may be valuable since they were inherited from a lost loved one. After assessing the situation, the team organizes and does a complete clean out of the house. By doing this, you are provided with a fresh start with a bonus of a healthy environment.

Not all belonging are disposed of. We go by the rule of, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We sort the stuff that is in perfect condition and give it out for donation with the permission of the owners. One may even choose to pass it on to relatives or friends.

Hoarding cleanup services are not only for the extreme cases only. One can contact bio recovery or any other cleanup company for assistance when moving out or doing a cleanup of your house.