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Infection Control Services NYIf you have turned on your television in the last year, you have heard of the Ebola scare that our country has faced. The media has shown health care workers in hazmat suits risking their lives by the possible exposure that patients could bring into the hospital. The Ebola Virus can be fatal and cause serious illness. For this reason, certain protocols and procedures are put in place if the need for them was to ever arise. While at Bio Recovery we are ready for any Ebola Virus Decontamination that may arise, we also recognize the importance and need for other types of communicable disease cleanup. New York is a melting pot for people, culture, and viruses! Our job at Bio Recovery is to ensure infection control within New York by offering services like disinfecting locations and even disinfecting vehicles!

Communicable Disease Cleanup NY

Our mission at Bio Recovery is to provide both a professional and gentle touch whenever and wherever you need us. We have been serving our nation for over 15 years and have offered our expertise in infection control and communicable disease clean up. We are experts at disinfecting locations that may carry an infectious disease. Our crew handles every job with compassion and knowledge. We pride ourselves in knowing exactly what to do in a specific type of situation and we have a process for every Communicable Disease Clean Up so that we can assure your area will be safe and habitable when you return.

Decontaminating any Location

There is no place that a virus or infectious disease can’t spread, therefore, there is no place that Bio Recovery won’t clean up! Communicable disease cleanup can be as simple as cleaning up after someone with the flu. It could also mean disinfecting vehicles after a major murder scene that caused a blood spill in a car. Regardless, our goal is infection control. We are experts in disinfecting locations and have completed extensive training courses so that even small, hard to clean spaces like disinfecting vehicles, are done with care and precision. Hospitals, homes, cars, businesses, hotels, gas stations, offices, bathrooms…whatever the space, Bio Recovery has you covered.

If you live or work in the state of New York and you are in need of infectious disease contamination, call our infection control experts right away! At Bio Recovery, we can perform your communicable disease cleanup right away! Call us anytime toll free at 1-888-752-5001.