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Lead Based Paint Removal NYThere is something about historic homes that captivate people and draw them in. Whether its the structure, location, or history of the home that seals the deal, once it’s yours, it’s hard to give it up! So what happens if you own a home, apartment, or property that has that historic charm but hazardous conditions? If you live in New York, Bio Recovery is here to help you make your property safe and beautiful once again. If you are looking for lead paint removal and abatement services, Bio Recovery is your nationwide crime scene cleanup and biohazard crew that will help get your property free of lead once and for all.

Lead Paint in a NY Home

Before 1978, lead based paint was the primary source for homeowners when painting the interior of their homes. Since then, it has been banned by our federal government for causing detrimental health issues. Therefore, if your property was built before this time or even around it, the chances of you having lead in your home are extremely high. There are so many different side effects of lead that it is hard to know if you are, in fact, having lead poisoning symptoms. They can range from stomach pains, to reproductive issues, and in extremely high amounts of lead, even death. The cracking or chipping of lead paint often starts when remodeling begins to take place and lead dust is released into the air. Don’t let the residents or family members of your property suffer these consequential living conditions. If you suspect lead, let Bio Recovery provide you with affordable lead paint removal services.

Lead Paint Remediation

If you have lead in your home, Bio Recovery is dedicated to clearing it out and providing you with a healthy environment once again. We have several different options available for you:

  • Encapsulation: Brushing and rolling on a coating that seals the lead-based paint. While it is easy and affordable, the coating may wear off with opening and closing your doors over time.
  • Enclosure: The old surface is just replaced with a new one. While this is easy, if you decide to remove the enclosed surface, lead will again be exposed.
  • Removal: We can perform wire brushing or wet hand scraping with liquid paint removers. We do this with an electric sander that has a HEPA filtered vacuum. We can also strip the paint off using a low temperature heat gun or hand scraping.
  • Replacement: Out with the old, in with the new. We can install new windows, doors, woodwork, and other surfaces that may have been affected.

No matter how you decide to do it, Bio Recovery is here to make life easier and healthier for you. If you live in New York, call Bio Recovery today and ask about our lead paint removal services. Contact us today at 1-888-752-5001.