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Measles Decontamination ServicesMeasles, medically referred to as Rubeola, is a communicable disease once thought to be an eliminated threat in America, but is now the result of an Official CDC Health Advisory.

This highly contagious respiratory disease causes severe health complications and can kill. Hiring a certified company to disinfect measles present areas is crucial.

Bio Recovery has certified biohazard decontamination professionals that can successfully eliminate the spread of Measles. If you are responsible for a location where a person that has a confirmed case of Measles was present – please contact our office to eliminate the further possibilities of spreading one of the most contagious diseases.

Measles Containment

Vaccinations prevent illnesses but there are cases in which vaccines are not a viable option or are turned down by parents. And though the majority of people who have been infected with measles were vaccinated, there are also vaccinated individuals who have suffered from this highly transmittable disease.

In any event, the only method that will fully eradicate the spread of measles is complete decontamination of the areas where the infected have occupied.

The US Measles Outbreak

What’s suspected to have started at Disneyland, in California – December 2014 – has now spread across the entire county, with over 100 infected children and adults, within the time-frame of a month, including a confirmed case in New York.

It is critical that resorts, daycare centers, schools, hospitals, public transportation, homes and any other locations be sanitized or we will have a massive Measles epidemic in the USA, as it is already prevalent in other locations around the world.

The Spread of Measles

The measles virus is highly contagious. Close contact with a person infected and showing signs results in a 90% chance of contracting the virus, if not already immune. Not only can the virus be transmitted through contaminated surface contact but also becomes airborne with as little as a cough or sneeze.

The measles virus can survive for up to two hours without a host – either suspended or on a surface. The measles virus can be spread by an infected person for up to four days before and after the rash develops.

The Symptoms of Measles

The symptoms of the Measles virus can appear as innocent as a common cold, with a runny nose, some eye redness and coughing at first, but then it increases in intensity when a high fever develops; followed by little white dots in the mouth and throat and a rash that starts at the head and neck area until it covers the entire body.

This can persist for up to ten days. More serious cases can lead to breathing difficulties, convulsions, pneumonia, brain inflammation, liver infection and even years later a scarce percentage of people infected can develop a brain disease, which can be deadly.

Measles Decontamination Services

Guarantee the safety of your hospital, daycare center, school, business, home or any other location with Bio Recovery’s help. Our experienced biohazard cleanup team has the equipment, procedure, knowledge and permits needed to sanitize an entire location and return it to safety.

Our methods are strict, our chemicals are specialized and our team is passionate about our services and stand by our results.

Let’s once again eliminate Measles from threatening our children and loved ones – Contact Bio Recovery for Measles Decontamination Services – 24/7/365 – at 1-888-752-5001.