Bio Recovery In The News

Bio Recovery has been on several media and news sites.

Below is an archive of news articles, links, and videos featuring our company in the media.


“Ambulance Crew Being Monitored For Possible Ebola Contamination” – Inside Edition

“Businesses wrestle with insurance in Ebola’s wake” – USA Today

“What is the Government Not Telling Us About Ebola?” – WJIM

“Who Cleans Up After An Ebola Patient?” – KFAB

“Dealing With Ebola Cleanup” – Fox News

“Kevin & Karen’s Wednesday Rundown” – WJBO

“If Ebola Strikes New York, At Least One Company’s Ready for Clean-Up” – WNYC

“Businesses Wrestle With Insurance In Ebola’s Wake” – NNW

“Ebola Cleanup” – WOC 1420

“Cleaning Needed, in the Worst Way” – New York Times

“Crime scene cleanup business ‘is not a job for everyone'” – CNN

“Queens’ own crime-scene cleanup crew” – Queens Chronicle

“Cleaning up gory scenes” – AM New York

“Behind the scenes as a crew takes on the city’s dirtiest job” – Daily News

“New Yorker finds niche cleaning up grisly scenes” – Shanghai Star

“Cleaning Up After Death” – Gothamist

“Restoring Buildings After Emergencies” – The Cooperator

“The Staying Power of Anthrax” – ABC News

“Anthrax cleanup is a thorny issue” – Taipei Times

“Business is cleaning up” – Sun Sentinel

“Toledo Business Owner Grateful for 36-Hour Stint in Decontamination in N.Y.” – The Toledo Blade

“Local Bio-Recovery Firm Cleans Up Anthrax In Manhattan” – The Toledo Blade

“Bio-Recovery Firm Cleans Up Where Others Won’t” – The Toledo Blade


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