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Crime Scene Cleaners New York

A large metropolitan area like New York City has its share of violent crimes. Murders are particularly troubling in both the emotional and physical trauma that ensues. Highly trained Murder Cleanup Technicians have the duty of cleaning up after a NYC homicide. Bio Recovery representatives have numerous certifications for the proper handling of situations that require Blood and Body Fluid Cleanup. We take every precaution to protect public safety. It is rewarding to know that our services can lessen the emotional trauma for families and loved ones dealing with a tragic loss.

New York City Murder Scene Cleanup

With a city as diverse and populated as New York City the job of Murder Scene Cleanup can be complicated. Field technicians from Bio Recovery have witnessed the aftermath of alarming acts of violence and heroic acts of bravery. We take the job of cleaning up after a homicide very seriously. Every effort is made to restore the trauma scene to environmentally safe conditions.

Body Fluid Cleanup

Body Fluid Cleanup can be a large part of the job of a crime cleanup technician. Blood and other body fluids are classified as Biohazard Materials. Strict protocols are in place to safely decontaminate, sanitize, deodorize and restore areas where blood spills have taken place. Professional grade cleaning equipment and techniques are utilized to limit exposure to potentially harmful materials.

Biohazard Materials

Human Blood can be the carrier of numerous diseases. Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens may result in a serious illness. Biohazard Materials including bodily fluids must be handled with extreme caution. Bio Recovery technicians undergo educational training for certification to safely cleanup, transport and dispose of biohazard materials that may be present at a murder scene. Dried body fluids can be potentially infectious for up to seven days.

  • Blood
  • Fecal Matter
  • Semen
  • Vomit
  • Saliva
  • Urine
  • Vaginal Secretions
  • Medical Sharps
  • Blood Contaminated Materials

NYC Homicide Cleanup Company

Bio Recovery provides professional and discreet Homicide Cleanup Services in the New York City area. Our technicians are very respectful yet thorough while performing a NYC cleanup. Personal protective gear and the latest techniques are utilized to ensure safety when taking care of body fluid cleanup. You can count on Bio Recovery to respond quickly and compassionately when tragedy strikes in NY.

NYC residents can contact Bio Recovery representatives for NY Murder Cleanup Services. Call Bio Recovery at 1-888-752-5001 or fill out our Online Form.