New York Hotel Crime Cleanup Services

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New York Crime Scene Cleanup

When a violent crime occurs in a New York hotel, there is a lot of unexpected activity to manage. All of your other guests need to have access to the rest of the hotel, and first responders including EMS and police are quick to the crime scene to try and piece together what happened and who is responsible. There is also public relations work that needs to be done to get the story out in the right way and protect your business name and your patrons.   If you are part of the hotel management, your job is to try to keep things calm while facilitating any investigation that is needed. Once the intensity of the initial activity level finally lessens and the first responders have completed their work, your job must turn to the crime scene cleanup. While it might be tempting to use the housekeepers on staff for this, there are many reasons why it is in your company’s best interest to hire a professional company with experience providing specialized, quality New York Crime Cleanup Services.

  1. Professional Grade Cleaning Agents and Equipment: The cleaning products used for everyday cleaning at a hotel are not strong enough to eliminate all traces of blood, bodily fluids and remains left behind after a crime. You do not want to put future guests and your hotel at risk so it is best to partner with a 24/7 crime and blood cleanup team that can restore your hotel to safety. Bio Recovery uses professional grade crime scene cleanup products, equipment and protective gear to minimize risk to our staff and decrease the risk of cross contamination to other areas of the hotel.
  2. Biohazard Risk: Blood and bodily fluid can actually transmit disease and infection to those who come into contact with it for days and even weeks after a crime. This puts your patrons and your staff at risk, which is never good for business. The only way to eliminate this risk is to have the area thoroughly cleaned by professional crime scene cleaners so that you can be confident that the area is safe for future use. Bio Recovery specializes in restoring New York hotels to safety.
  3. Too much to ask of your staff: The burden of cleaning a crime scene is great. The process can be gruesome and emotionally taxing for those who are not trained for this type of work. In addition to putting their safety at risk, your cleaning staff should be protected from having to do this type of work.

Bio Recovery can respond to a hotel crime scene cleaning request immediately — 24/7/365 and take this difficult problem off of your hands so that you can handle all of the other issues that come up after a crime on your property. Keep our number (1-888-752-5001) handy, just in case you ever need it!