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  • Unsanitary and Unlivable Homes Can Be Sold

  • What Does "Unlivable Condition" Mean Exactly?

  • We Can Help Sell Your Home

We can help sell your home, even if it's in an unlivable or unsanitary condition.

Was your home or property a former hoarder home, crime scene, or drug lab? Despite having a certificate to ensure the home is safe to inhabit, it can be challenging to think of living in it again. Especially if it was a family member that passed in the home.

Maybe it’s a property you’ve been thinking about or having trouble selling for no obvious reason. Please don’t trick yourself into thinking no one will buy your home. There are always ways to sell your property, no matter the condition or history.

What if my home was deemed “unlivable conditions”?

If your house was deemed unlivable, the property cannot be lived in until it is given certain clearances by the town, which usually requires certification. However, even if this is the situation, your home can be sold. The term “unlivable condition” can refer to multiple different things. It can be an abandoned home or condemned as a result of an eviction or plain and simply because it’s structurally unsound or does not have adequate utilities (e.g. electric, water, or sewage).

A home can also be considered unlivable when there are biohazards discovered on the property. This can be in the event of:

  • Hoarder homes that resulted in the accumulation of harmful pests, bacteria, and even structural damage.
  • Mass amounts of blood, bodily fluids, or other human waste
  • Water damage resulting in mold
  • And more

What happens when a home is declared unlivable?

After the home is declared unlivable, occupants must move out within a specific time frame. The property owner must make a decision on if they want to fix the property or sell the property. A common misconception is that this type of property damage lessens the likelihood of a sale. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

How can I sell my home?

You are eligible to receive a cash offer almost immediately, even no matter what condition the house is in currently. We work with the best real estate investors in the nation to get you the best deal and with a smooth home selling experience.
During these difficult circumstances, you should have nothing less.

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