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New York Crime Cleaning

The crime in New York state as a whole may be on the decline, but in such a large state and with the largest city in the country, dealing with the aftermath of crime is just part of our culture. First responders (EMS, police, forensics) help the victim, collect evidence and clues before turning the area back over to the family. At that point, several days may have passed and the family will then be faced with a gruesome, emotional crime scene where they know their loved one was hurt. You may be surprised to learn that it is generally the responsibility of the family and loved ones to decide how to tackle the cleaning. Most people have never even thought about this prospect and need help getting started. This is where Bio Recovery comes in. With a specific focus on New York Crime Cleaning, our experienced crime scene cleanup team is ready to help you with all aspects of cleanup, once first responders have completed their work.

Crime Scene Cleanup: The Basics

Cleaning a crime scene is actually quite complex and extremely difficult and should generally be completed by a team of certified crime cleanup professionals. The ultimate goal is to restore the affected area to safety so that friends and family (and perhaps also the victim) can begin to put their life back together. We have included an overview of the tasks that we take in each and every cleanup job:

  • Contain the area so that blood and bodily fluids are not spread beyond the immediate area.
  • Develop a comprehensive cleaning plan and communicate this to our full team and to your family.
  • Clean, sanitize and decontaminate the area using professional grade cleaning products (that are not sold in stores) and protective gear.
  • Repeat cleaning and decontamination process as necessary.
  • Eliminate all traces of blood, bodily fluids and remains from the area. These make the crime scene a biohazard risk, meaning that bacteria, disease and infection can be transmitted if contact is made (without protective gear).
  • Properly dispose of all biohazardous materials. These materials cannot be discarded with other trash. Our team has permits for disposing of these dangerous materials.
  • Communicate to the family and loved ones once the area is restored to safety and can be used normally again.

Bio Recovery: Leader in Crime Cleanup NY

If tragedy strikes and you are in need of a crime scene cleanup company in the New York area, you can trust the team at Bio Recovery. Our dedicated and compassionate team will take this burden off of your hands with just one phone call (1-888-752-5001).