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Suicide Cleanup Nassau NY

The suicide of a loved one is heartbreaking on so many levels. Knowing that person felt so much pain that they decided to end their life is something that families grapple with for years. Suicide elicits so many emotions — guilt, sadness, anger and intensive grief. Families of suicide victims are often in total shock about the incident with absolutely no hint of the magnitude of their family member’s struggle. They are suddenly faced with this new reality, and must also juggle several painful and uncomfortable responsibilities as a result. One harsh reality is that the area where the suicide occurred must be cleaned and disinfected so that it can safe for use moving forward. Suicide cleaning services should always be handled by a professional company so that you and your family can focus on beginning the healing process. If you live in or around the Nassau County, New York area, Bio Recovery can take this responsibility off of your shoulders.

Things To Consider With Suicide Cleanup

No matter where a person decided to take his/her life, a suicide cleanup team should be employed to clean, disinfect and appropriately dispose of all biohazardous materials related to the affected area. Bio Recovery can complete with confidence residential suicide cleanup, commercial suicide cleaning or even public suicide clean up.

Cleaning and removing the evidence of any violent or tragic death is horrific in nature and can be dangerous for the person(s) doing the cleaning. Blood and bodily fluids are a biohazard and can lead to the spread of infection or illness if not properly protected. Our cleanup team uses only professional grade cleaning agents that cannot be purchased in your local stores and they wear protective gear that help protect them from biohazard risk. In addition, our team is trained and certified to complete a thorough cleanup, so that you and your family can be confident that this responsibility has been properly taken care of.

Discreet and Sensitive Cleanup

Bio Recovery understands the sensitivity needed surrounding a suicide and our team is professional and uses discretion in communication. The tragedy that your family is going through is no one else’s business, so we leave it to you to communicate any details with friends or neighbors.

We also understand that finances may be a stressful piece of this situation. Fortunately, insurance often covers suicide or crime scene cleanup and we can help you find out what your plan covers. If you find you or a loved one in need of our services, give us a call at 1-888-752-5001 and let us take this responsibility off of your shoulders.