Accident Cleanup in homes and the streets

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Crime Scene Cleaners New York

Serious car accidents happen all too frequently in New York. Unfortunately, all too often, individuals inside the vehicles are hurt, and at times pedestrians, bikers, and other onlookers are injured as well on the street. Whose responsibility is it to clean the streets when this happens and make sure that the biohazard risk has been eliminated? Learn More.

A Fine Line for Crime Clean Up

Bio Recovery HelpCrime Scene Cleanup

Everyday people live and die, it’s apart of life. For most of us, our lives consist of day to day routines. Routines that keep us grounded, active, financially stable, and focused. As a society we’re reluctant to acknowledge how short and fragile life actually is. That reluctance, in my opinion, is deep-rooted in our DNA through natural selection as part of trial and error during our evolution. Our resistance to fear death would of only held us back from becoming the intellectual, articulate… Read Full Post