What’s All The Fuss About “Popping” And Pus?

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Online videos showing cyst lancing, zit popping, etc, have grown in popularity lately. Apparently, a lot of people like to watch pus come oozing out of skin from zits and more, as long as it's somebody else's.  Bio Recovery had some folks look into the how and whys of this phenomenon. Why People Do It? Why do people like these so ... Read More

Bio Recovery Blood Cleanup and Crime Scene Cleanup Procedures

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The issue of increased crime rate is a general problem facing the US government. No American citizen is guaranteed a 100% safety by the relevant law enforcement agencies. Despite our government investing in superior technology and law enforcement personnel training, crime scenes have become a common sight across the country. Most of these traumatizing crime scenes are as a result … Read More

Crime Scene Cleanup Long Island, NY

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Long Island Crime Clean Up Company

It’s always heartbreaking when an evil, violent act shatters the lives of innocent people. And because of the sheer number of people living on Long Island, more people are at risk of becoming a statistic here just by the very nature of the numbers. Now, we know crime scene cleanup on Long Island is not something that’s typically discussed in … Read More

Crime Scene Cleanup Trenton

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Crime Scene Cleanup Trenton, NJWe never know where a violent crime is going to happen next. But when one does, it needs to be cleaned up quickly and proficiently. Bio Recovery is a group of crime scene cleanup professionals in Trenton, NJ, and who can remedy any ghastly and grotesque situation that may occur. After investigators and EMTs come, call us to restore the area so that you can get back to the life you have. Read more

Crime Scene Cleanup Newark, NJ

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Crime Scene Cleanup Newark, NJWe are more attuned to violent crime than ever before. From internet and TV broadcasting barbaric actions wherever they happen to the classification of PTSD as an anxiety disorder caused by traumatic events, we are more aware of the effects of violent crime than we ever have been. Sadly, this does not make it go away. And the remains of a violent crime, the crime scene, are usually left for the victim and their family to cleanup. Fortunately, Bio Recovery is here to help residents with the crime scene cleanup in Newark, NJ. We will do whatever we need to to restore the area to a safe and livable condition again. Read more

Atlantic City Crime Scene Cleanup

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Crime Scene Cleanup Atlantic City, NJWe all do our part to try to prevent crime, but when it happens—and it’s sad to say it still does—that’s when we need to work even harder to pull together and make sure that everyone still here recovers properly. Law enforcement and paramedics and crime scene cleanup professionals all do our part to ensure that the victims of violent crimes and their families are ok and that they will get better. Bio Recovery is proud to say that we are part of that group of crime scene cleanup professionals in Atlantic City, New Jersey, who are here to help you get on the road to recovery, get your life back to the way it was. Read more

Unattended Death Cleanup NY

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New York Unattended Death CleanupThe discovery of an unattended death can be very traumatic and painful, especially when this person is someone you know and care about.  Body decomposition can occur quickly, even after only a few hours and quickly make the body unrecognizable.  An unattended death is one where the body is not immediately found — the delay can be a day or two or even longer and during that time, significant changes in the body will occur.  This situation creates quite a challenge for appropriate cleaning and sanitizing the area to minimize the biohazard risk.  Bio Recovery is a national leader in unattended death cleanup with a strong and experienced team of biohazard cleanup technicians in the New York area. Read Full Post

Crime Scene Restoration New York

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Crime Scene Restoration NYIt happens. Living in New York can bring upon the unfortunate event of a crime. The police come with crime scene investigators and sometimes even hazmat suits. They take down the information they need, snap some pictures, confiscate any evidence, and then all that’s left is yellow tape and one large mess. Crime scene cleanup is no easy task. If you have the unfortunate task of being in charge of crime scene restoration, it’s important that you leave it up to the professionals. If this is you, the only place to call in New York is Bio Recovery: Nationwide Crime Scene Cleanup & Biohazard Remediation Services.Read Full Post