Crime Scene Restoration New York

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It happens. Living in New York can bring upon the unfortunate event of a crime. The police come with crime scene investigators and sometimes even hazmat suits. They take down the information they need, snap some pictures, confiscate any evidence, and then all that’s left is yellow tape and one large mess. Crime scene cleanup is no easy task. If you have the unfortunate task of being in charge of crime scene restoration, it’s important that you leave it up to the professionals. If this is you, the only place to call in New York is Bio Recovery: Nationwide Crime Scene Cleanup & Biohazard Remediation Services.Read Full Post

A Fine Line for Crime Clean Up

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Everyday people live and die, it’s apart of life. For most of us, our lives consist of day to day routines. Routines that keep us grounded, active, financially stable, and focused. As a society we’re reluctant to acknowledge how short and fragile life actually is. That reluctance, in my opinion, is deep-rooted in our DNA through natural selection as part of trial and error during our evolution. Our resistance to fear death would of only held us back from becoming the intellectual, articulate… Read Full Post

Hoarding, More than Meets the Eye

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As devastating as it can be to deal with the death of a loved one, it is a after all, a natural part of life. When one experiences the death of a loved one or family member, our thought processes tend to overload with emotions and irrational decisions during our time of mourning. I know this from personal experience when my Uncle Joe passed away in October of 2013. My Uncle was a great loving individual, avid hunter, and all around great person. Although he had his problems like… Read Full Post