Blood Cleanup for Educational Buildings New Jersey

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Blood Clean Up New JerseyOver a school year in New Jersey, there is bound to be some form of accident that occurs on campus. Whether it is a car accident, athletic injury, a fight between students, or a traumatic circumstance like a death, it is important that schools have a built in plan to handle these types of situations. A common theme regarding these types of accidents is the involvement of blood. Blood is a very dangerous biohazard, and should be handled quickly and professionally. Getting the school janitor to clean up the blood with your standard cleaning supplies will not do the job. Instead, now is the time to partner with Bio Recovery for all of your blood cleanup needs. That way you will have a group of biohazard cleanup technicians whenever you need blood removal services in the future. Read Full Post

Crime Scene Cleanup 101

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Sudden violent death, suicide, and death in the hands of another are occurrences that leave unparalleled losses at their wake. These are just some of the traumatic events that occur on a daily basis and leave behind them specific areas that clearly manifest the pain and violence that occurred. These crime scenes offer forensics experts and police officers evidence that could shed a light on the events that transpired. Oftentimes, the death of a human being is a messy event… Read Full Post

Bloodborne Pathogen Cleanup

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Bloodborne Pathogens Clean Up ¬†Blood spillage is considered one of hardest kind of spillage to clean. But some cleaning companies have their standards set to when they will answer to a call for bloodborne pathogens clean up. There are cleanup companies that prefer cleaning blood only if the spillage is not smaller than a plate. They believe that an individual … Read More