Unhealthy Nuisance: Mold in Your Home

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When something gets contaminated with a water source such as a roof or a plumbing leak, any building can easily get infested with mold. In fact, mold in home or business place can rapidly spread over the entire property within a couple of days if not treated properly. Apart from the obvious disturbing appearance mold can be a cause for annoying health issues such as allergies and irritations; at times, mold can affect your respiratory system too. Learn More.

Mold Remediation Specialists New York

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New York Mold RemovalHave you ever seen mold under a microscope? It can actually be quite beautiful. There are all different colors, shapes, and sizes that would make for a great abstract painting. As neat as it may look under that microscope, finding mold in your home can not only gross you out, but cause great harm to you and your family members living within that property. If you live in New York and you are looking for certified mold remediation and removal services, call Bio Recovery today! Read Full Post