Crime Scene Clean Up Newark

Crime Scene Clean Up Newark, New JerseyNewark, NJ, was ranked number three in the country for homicide rate in 2013. That’s a scary number, and although we are trying to bring it down, it’s not going to happen overnight. Following a violent crime there are many people that come when called, including first responders, investigators, forensic scientists, and crime scene clean up technicians. If the last mentioned people don’t come, then the victims of violent crimes and their loved ones are responsible for cleaning up the grim remains. And that’s why Bio Recovery is here to help with crime scene clean up for the residents of Newark, NJ. Read more

Crime Scene Clean Up Long Island, NY

Long Island Crime Clean Up Company

Crime, blood and bodily fluid is not always easy to see on TV or in the movies, but the aftermath of an actual crime or unattended death is significantly more disturbing and gruesome than anything you will ever see on the big screen. Your head and your heart immediately connect the crime scene with the pain of the victim and … Read More

Long Island Crime Scene Clean Up NY

Crime Scene Clean Up Long Island, NY

Crimes happen everywhere, from Long Island, NY to Buffalo City, NY. There is no place untouched by crime, whether you’re in New York State, anywhere else in the USA or even the world. The point is that crimes happen and people of all different walks of life and geographical location can be affected by the violent acts of others. If … Read More

Who cleans up crime scenes? Police, EMTs or coroners… or someone else entirely.

New York Crime Scene Cleanup

As television shows like Law and Order and CSI, continue to get more and more popular, the audience watching these shows think that they understand what happens at a murder scene. At first, crime scene, personnel and law enforcement officials have to work together to secure the area where the crime is committed, and then they collect evidence. One big question remains unanswered: Who cleans up after a murder? Learn More.

Crime Scene Clean Up Trenton

Crime Scene Clean Up Trenton, NJIt’s a tragic affair when violent crime strikes, causing heartache for victims and loved ones alike. It’s a long road to preventing this kind of heinous action, and we may at some point, but until then, it’s good to know that there are people, such as the skilled technicians at Bio Recovery, who will do the crime scene clean up in Trenton, NJ, for you. Read more

Crime Scene Clean Up Atlantic City NJ

Crime Scene Clean Up Atlantic City, NJWe love the nice weather that comes with the next few months, but sadly, a rise in crime also comes with. Crimes, especially violent crimes, affect us all. But it’s good to know that there are people who will help you clean up the mess from heinous crimes in Atlantic City, NJ, after police have finished their investigation. We want to help you recover after horrible acts disrupt your life. Read More

Crime Scene Clean Up New Jersey

Crime Scene Clean Up NJGun and crime laws have good intentions, but they still don’t ease the impact on victims, loved ones, and families after a barbaric crime rattles a community. There are a number of things that happen after a violent crime occurs in New Jersey, including law enforcement conducting their investigation and trained professionals, such as Bio Recovery, hired to clean up the crime scene. It’s horrible to discuss, but if there are any crime scenes in New Jersey that need clean up, know that we are here to help. Read more

Crime Scene Cleaners NY

Crime Scene Cleaners NYWith a state that has a population as large as New York, there will be crimes that occur on a regular basis. If you are stuck dealing with a mess left by a crime scene, you should not be the one cleaning the location up. When dealing with a crime scene, you could be dealing with biohazardous items including blood and bodily fluids. Don’t run the risk of harming yourself by coming into contact with these hazardous conditions. Instead, count on Bio Recovery to provide you with professional crime scene cleaning services that you need right now. Read Full Post

Crime Scene Cleanup NJ

Crime Scene Cleanup NJCrimes across New Jersey happen on a daily basis. Some can be minor traffic violations, while others may be more serious crimes. For those that involve crime scenes, have you ever thought about who cleans up the mess after all of the detectives take away any necessary evidence from the location? Well, if you find yourself in a situation where you are left with a crime scene to cleanup, do not try and clean it up yourself. Crime scenes often times contain biohazardous elements such as blood or other bodily fluids. Instead, team up with Bio Recovery, the national leader in crime scene cleanup services. Read Full Post

Crime Scene Restoration Long Island

Crime Scene Restoration Long Island NYCrime scene cleanup is a very serious and complicated process that requires professional assistance to safely restore the affected area to its original state.  In addition to the gruesome nature of the crime scene, the blood and bodily fluids that are left behind are a biohazard and can pose health risks and even infection for those who clean and dispose of it.  Bio Recovery is a nationwide leader in crime scene and trauma cleanup and is the most trusted company for this type of work in the Long Island area.
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