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According to a report published by the CDC, suicides are the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. The highest suicide rate is reported in the age group for people 45 to 64 years old. Followed closely by an elderly population with the second highest rate among people over 85 years old. White men make up the largest percentage of suicide deaths. Firearms are the most common method used in suicidal deaths. The unexpected death of a loved one is difficult at any age. The use of a gun makes Suicide Cleanup more complicated and messy. Read Full Post

Suicide Cleaning New York

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The loss of a loved one to suicide is extremely painful for everyone involved. While you may have known that he or she was struggling, it is likely that you did not realize the depth of their despair. Family members of a suicide victim feel the pervasive loss and can experience their own trauma over the suicide of a friend or family member. In addition, there are many unexpected tasks to complete during this vulnerable and dark time. Other friends and family members must be notified, an obituary must be written, arrangements for a service must be made, and someone must make a decision about how to cleanup the area where the suicide took place. Read Full Post