The Inspection Period: What Every Homebuyer Should Know to Not Get Stuck in a Bad Decision

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So you have been shopping for a new home.  The house is in escrow and you are reaching that crucial moment when it needs to pass inspection before you really commit to this purchase.  Buying a home can be a nerve-wracking process and is considered to be in the top most stressful life events you will experience; right up there ... Read More

Can Homeowners Insurance Cover Crime Scene Cleanup? Bio Recovery has Answers After a Tragedy.

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Everything about an unexpected death is hard. There is nothing in human experience that comes close, and it is one that no one is ever prepared for, leaving those who remain with questions so uncommon survivors and victims often don't know who to ask. An unexpected death means an investigation and thus a crime scene and inevitably what these procedures ... Read More

Hoarding Disorders

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There are people who are very sentimental and are too attached to their belongings. This is one of the many reasons that one requires hoarding cleanup services from certified companies such as bio recovery and crime scene cleanup. Such clean up companies not only offer physical cleanup but also offer emotional support. Hoarding disorder is characterized by the difficulty of … Read More