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NY Crime Scene Cleanup CompanyA crime scene cleanup company is not something that you ever want to be in a position to hire. But, unfortunately, there are unforeseen instances where a professional cleanup company is the best possible option for being able to move forward after a traumatic event. If a friend or family member is a victim of a crime, the aftermath can be very difficult and overwhelming. The scene of a violent crime is extremely disturbing and the most pervasive reminder of the painful event that happened. Partnering with a professional crime scene cleaning company can take this difficult task off of your hands. Read Full Post

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Crime Scene Cleaners NJWe’ve all seen Law and Order: SVU at some point in our lives. An immaculate crime scene in New Jersey or some other metropolitan area is displayed at the beginning of the show and at the end, some sort of justice always takes place. This can all be quite thrilling to watch on television but unfortunately, crime scenes like this are a reality all over New Jersey. Television never shows what happens after all of the investigating is done. In real life, a huge mess is often left for the victim or their loved ones to clean up. Adding this to the nature of the crime, and it can honestly be too much to bare. Fortunately, Bio Recovery is here to help you with all of your crime scene cleaning in New Jersey. Read Full Post

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Crime and Trauma Cleanup NYThe only crime scenes that most of us interact with are the ones seen on television. Do you ever wonder what happens to the crime scene once all of the detectives and forensic scientists leave the location? Well, depending on what type of crime scene you are dealing with, there could be a lot that needs to be cleaned up. If you are in a situation where a crime scene…Read Full Post