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Cleaning up NYC CrimesCrime Scene Cleanup is a specialized field where highly trained technicians handle the gruesome task of removing Blood and Body Fluids from a trauma scene. Each job holds the potential for being hazardous to human health. The scene of a Violent Homicide can be particularly difficult to maneuver safely. With the spike in Murder in New York City over the past year the need for body fluid cleanup experts has increased. Read Full Post

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Bio Recovery HelpCrime Scene Clean Up NY, New York Crime Scene Cleaning

New York Crime Scene CleanupA very sad and disturbing statistic shows that the number of Murders in New York is up by an alarming amount in 2015 compared to the year before. Each violent crime leaves behind a victim or victims and often a messy Murder Scene. In many instances, families are responsible for the homicide cleanup. They must take care of cleaning up blood and blood contaminated items. There is a potential health risk for anyone exposed to bloodborne pathogens. A team of specialized field technicians at Bio Recovery is prepared to handle any type of Crime Cleanup Service for NY residents. Read Full Post