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Animal Hoarding CleanupFor a lot of Americans, animals can be our best friends. Our pets often times show us loyalty, love, and affection that you just cannot find anywhere else. These animals quickly become part of the family, and the thought of losing them at some point will quickly bring tears to your eyes. From dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and snakes, there are a wide range of animals that people consider pets. Raising these pets can often times be like taking care of a kid. There are people that grow so fond of these animals that they begin to hoard them in their homes. What starts as one pet can quickly become 10 to 15. If you know someone in New York who is hoarding animals in their home, it is important that you get them help quickly! Living in an environment where animals are being hoarded can become dangerous and unhealthy. Now is the time to partner with the cleanup professionals at Bio Recovery to handle any animal hoarding cleanup needs.

Facts About Bio Recovery

This full service biohazard removal and cleanup company began over 15 years ago right here in New York. Throughout our history, keeping the customer first has been our number one priority. Through confidentiality, expertise and compassion, we have been able to expand our services across the country. Each team member is certified to handle all types of cleaning, including animal hoarding. Once our staff has finished cleaning the affected location, you will never know the animals were there in the first place.

Animal Hoarding Risks

  • Biohazard Issues – Having excessive amounts of animals in one location can cause increased health risks for various reasons. If these animals are using the bathroom inside, the feces can get in the air and cause health issues to everyone that comes into contact with the location.
  • Higher Chances of Falling – Especially for those hoarders in their older years, the risk of falling or tripping significantly increases with all of these animals running around.
  • Structural Damage – Houses and apartments are built to withstand certain weight limits. The more animals in your home the greater the amount of weight your home is having to withstand. Over time, this can cause significant structural damage to your residence.

If you or someone you know is struggling with animal hoarding, we can help! If you live in New York, give Bio Recovery a call today at 1-888-752-5001 to handle all of your animal hoarding cleanup needs.