Vehicle Blood Cleanup

If you have a vehicle that has experienced a crash, accident, suicide, homicide or any other reason for blood spill, we can help. Call our hotline immediately if you need professional, discrete, 24/7 assistance.


Vehicle Blood Cleanup

If you have a vehicle that has experienced a crash, accident, suicide, homicide or any other reason for blood spill, we can help. Call our hotline immediately if you need professional, discrete, 24/7 assistance.


Blood spills are not just limited to buildings, the average American spends over an hour in their car daily just to get to work and back – and that’s not including personal time spent traveling.

We’ve all seen accidents on the side of the road and we are all fully aware that a crash can happen to us, but it doesn’t change how startled we are if we experience such an event.

Other road accidents that especially peak during the early Spring seasons include a spur of deer activity. With the influx of deer activity comes the potential for new situations.

We can also help you if there was a body left unattended in the vehicle. Even if it's an extended family member that you believe was completely healthy, it's very important to assume the worst-case scenario.

All it takes is for an unknowing exposure to a deadly disease and your life is changed forever. We're here so you don't have to take that risk.

Certified Vehicle Blood Cleanup Specialists

Although we've been called miracle workers by our clients in the past, we'll humbly accept "certified biohazard vehicle cleanup specialists".

Being a blood cleanup specialist means we've completed extensive training courses and have had real-life experiences when dealing with cleaning blood out of a vehicle. Trauma in a vehicle can be hard to clean up because the space is often small and complex.

Our cleanup protocol covers every surface in the interior and even the exterior of the vehicle. Anytime blood has been shed proper decontamination and sanitation need to be completed because the risks that can follow blood exposure can be life-altering.

Blood Cleanup Service for Automobiles, Airplanes, Buses, Trains and More

Think about the intricacy of a vehicle, the doors have panels that pull off, the windows roll up and down, each and every knob moves and even getting under the seats can be challenging.

We urge you not to clean up the mess by yourself or to bring your vehicle to an ordinary auto detailing shop.

Not only could this lead to personal health risks but could also endanger the crew detailing your vehicle and anyone who comes in contact with it after the blood has been visually cleaned.

Bloodborne pathogens are invisible to the naked eye but can cause extensive harm to anyone they come into contact with. Be safe, rather than sorry, and get a professional to clean up any vehicle that has been exposed to blood or bodily fluids.

If your automobile has been involved in an accident or shooting, a professional company like us must remediate it so it can be deemed safe, insurable, and registerable.

Let's face it--vehicles are machines, with several complex components, systems, and layers that work together. We don't like to think of it but when a biohazard event takes place in the form of a shooting or car accident, biomatter spreads everywhere.

The body shop doesn't take care of these situations, and trust us this isn't the type of cleanup that you can call an average maid or even company to do. You don't want to expose yourself to mental trauma by attempting to do it yourself either.

Our crew is trained to know where to look and what to look for when it comes to finding the bio you'd least expect, as well as remediating the bio you'd least expect.

No situation is too large or too small. We take care of all vehicles sizes, from freightliner trucks to compact cars.

Who We Are

Bio Recovery is a top-rated biohazard chemical cleaning company with over two decades of experience detailing biohazard cars. We’ve seen it all. We thoroughly test and sanitize all affected surfaces, textiles, HVAC systems, and structural components.

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The Biohazard Car Cleanup Process

We understand that the last thing that you want is confusion or lack of transparency over how your property is being handled during this time of distress. You want to work with a company that shares and breaks down their process, both online and over the phone. You can rest assured that we're prepared for the worst, no matter how bad you think the situation is.

That's why we've been in business for over 20 years, and the reason why we stand behind what we do. We're here to help you during one of the most difficult periods in your life and that's why you can take trust in our process.

Once we have access and keys to the car, we must first assess the exterior condition of the car. We take note of any areas where biohazards may be present. These are usually around the areas where the incident occurred, but can also be hidden far away from the car, depending on the trajectory.

Our Promise To You

Respecting our customer's property is one of our promises to you. We understand that you are not just trusting us with your business but also your most valuable assets. We want to work with you to establish trust and provide transparency at each step of the process. We stand by our service by promising to:

  • Release all information pertaining to the job and safety gear used before and after the job.
  • Only work on the areas specified.
  • Ensure that your personal belongings are not removed from the work area.

You are always welcome to voice your opinions and feedback throughout the entire process. After all, we are providing a service to you and working on your property. As long as it does not violate the scope of promoting the cleanliness and public safety of your environment, we would be happy to assist you.

Pricing and Payment Options

Our goal is to eliminate any out-of-pocket cost to our customers. For this reason, when you call, we will ask you for information about your policy, which usually includes information such as your name and your policy number.

  • Insurance sheet

    Insurance Claim

    Insurance sometimes covers cleaning costs. We work with the claims department of your homeowner's, renter's, or car insurance on your behalf.

  • Payment options

    Direct Payment Options

    In the extremely rare event that you may need to pay out of pocket, rest assured that we'll still work with you to quote you the best rates out there.

  • Cleanup assistance form

    Assistance Funds

    We can help connect you with the most appropriate funding sources to help with coverage gaps, deductibles, or out-of-pocket expenses.

More Options

The last thing we want to do under these circumstances is bill you an additional expense. This is why we work diligently to ensure that paying is simple. In the rare event you do need to pay out of pocket, we will do our best to connect you with organizations or government resources for more financial assistance opportunities.

For your convenience, we accept:

  • Car Insurance
  • Credit Cards
  • Payment Plans
  • Cash & Checks
  • Additional Options (please call)

Our Google Reviews

Thomas Gray
Thomas Gray
I contracted the services of BioRecovery for a Biohazard clean-up in my home. From Alex, the lead on the cleanup team, to Jessica, who coordinated with the insurance company, everything was done top-notch. The team worked clean and quickly to remove all the damaged property and Jessica was instrumental in getting my insurance company to cover the replacement of the items which were damaged. Just as important, as promised, they accomplished everything within the financial limits set by my insurance company. There were no additional bills. This is the company to use, if you are ever in need of a biohazard clean-up.
Jysseca Gohn
Jysseca Gohn
The technician, Justin Penn, was helpful, polite and respectful. Made this part of the process so much easier for everyone. Would recommend services to others in need.
Joshua Gohn
Joshua Gohn
Quick service, very respectful, and the service tech (Justin Penn) had a great understanding of what he was doing and how to help me. I was in a very dark place and this company felt like a light in the dark. Thank you so much for a job well done.
Carolyn Wells
Carolyn Wells
This team was an absolute God send to my family on one of the darkest days of our lives. They are professional yet compassionate, friendly, easy to talk to, answers any questions you need and just truly have a heart of caring. It’s more than a job. I feel that it’s a ministry. They were helpful in so many ways. Thank you so much, David and Brandy for what you do. God bless you.
Jacqueline Frangoulis
Jacqueline Frangoulis
Wonderful company! Would definitely recommend!
Nancy Marksteiner
Nancy Marksteiner
Highly recommend this company! Excellent service and compassionate employees which was so needed during this difficult time
Amazing people in the office. Very professional and helpful techs during hard time. I would definitely recommend.
Alex Nadolnik
Alex Nadolnik
Great company from the office to the techs. Very discreet, and professional during a difficult situation. Thank you again to the whole team.
Kevin Marksteiner
Kevin Marksteiner
Very helpful with the clean up!! Very attentive and compassionate to my needs. Couldn’t say enough good things about this company! Aces!!


These events are tragic because they're unexpected. No one tells you what to expect and then it happens. We know how difficult it can be to find the information you need and how overwhelming it is to start, especially when you don't even know where to start. That's why we're listing a few resources for common solutions:

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Frequently Asked Questions

You never know when you need our services until the minute it happens. The shock that accompanies these types of situations is perfectly normal. We're here to help you, even if you have questions that aren't listed below.

Insurance Accepted Blood Cleanup

Auto Insurance will often cover our professional blood cleanup services; in order to help assist you in making the right choice after trauma has occurred in a vehicle. It is surprising where traces of blood can be found, especially in a confined area.

Don’t risk safety for one moment, contact Bio Recovery. Our team will ensure your vehicle is fully restored for the welfare of everyone going forward.

Violent crimes such as shootings, self-inflicted wounds, and stabbings often occur inside cars and trucks. Unattended deaths inside a vehicle can be a gruesome sight.

Due to environmental factors, biological decomposition is often accelerated inside a vehicle resulting in a large volume of body fluids being released. Proper recovery of all the fluids and sanitizing the vehicle are key to restoring the vehicle to a usable state.

After the flashing lights have faded, contact our professional blood cleanup crew at Bio Recovery to restore your vehicle, our number is 1-888-752-5001 and we are available 24/7/365.

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