Vehicle Blood Cleanup

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Blood spills are not just limited to buildings, the average American spends over an hour in their car – daily – just to get to work and back and that’s not including personal time spent traveling.

We’ve all seen accidents on the side of the road and we are all fully aware that a crash can happen to us, but it doesn’t change how startled we are if we experience such an event.

If you have a vehicle that has experienced a crash, accident, suicide, homicide or any other reason for blood spill anywhere, Bio Recovery can help.

We can safely and effectively clean blood out of any type of vehicle, from first responder vehicles to public transit, law enforcement, commercial, airlines, personal vehicles and anywhere in-between.

Certified Vehicle Blood Cleanup Specialists

Our blood cleanup specialists have completed extensive training courses and have had real-life experience when dealing with cleaning blood out of a vehicle. Trauma in a vehicle can be hard to clean up because the space is often small and complex.

Our cleanup protocol covers every surface in the interior and even the exterior of the vehicle. Anytime blood has been shed proper decontamination and sanitation need to be completed because the risks that can follow blood exposure can be life altering.

Green car blood cleanupBlood Cleanup Service for Automobiles, Airplanes, Buses, Trains & More

Think about the intricacy of a vehicle, the doors have panels that pull off, the windows roll up and down, each and every knob moves and even getting under the seats can be challenging.

We urge you not to clean up the mess by yourself or to bring your vehicle to an ordinary auto detailing shop.

Not only could this lead to personal health risks but could also endanger the crew detailing your vehicle and anyone who comes in contact with it after the blood has been visually cleaned.

Bloodborne pathogens are invisible to the naked eye but can cause extensive harm to anyone they come in contact with. Be safe, rather than sorry and get a professional to clean up any vehicle that has been exposed to blood or bodily fluids.

Insurance Accepted Blood Cleanup

Auto Insurance will often cover our professional blood cleanup services; in order to help assist you in making the right choice after trauma has occurred in a vehicle. It is surprising where traces of blood can be found, especially in a confined area.

Don’t risk safety for one moment, contact Bio Recovery. Our team will ensure your vehicle is fully restored to for the welfare of everyone going forward.

Violent crimes such as shootings, self inflicted wounds and stabbings often occur inside cars and trucks. Unattended deaths inside a vehicle can be a gruesome sight.

Due to environmental factors, biological decomposition is often accelerated inside a vehicle resulting in a large volume of body fluids being released. Proper recovery of all the fluids and sanitizing the vehicle are key to restoring the vehicle to a usable state.

After the flashing lights have faded, contact our professional blood cleanup crew at Bio Recovery to restore your vehicle, our number is 1-888-752-5001 and we are available 24/7/365.

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