What is a Biohazard Car?

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What is a Biohazard Car?

Let’s suppose you have gone to an auction and found your dream car.  It’s priced just right for what you can afford, or maybe it is just a vehicle you have always wanted to add to your collection.

There is one problem, however, and that is the car is listed as a biohazard car?  What does this even mean? Typically, a biohazard car has been exposed to human remains, possibly involved in a suicide, violent crime, accident, or another event that has exposed it to human blood or remains.

It is in need of cleaning in order to disinfect or sanitize the vehicle.  This is not as uncommon as you might think.

We spend much of our lives in our cars, and some lives might even end there, leaving an otherwise perfectly good vehicle now considered unusable by some because it has blood or other human tissue inside. But that car doesn’t have to be sent to the scrap yard.

A potential suicide in a car, might not be the only reason this car is now a biohazard car. Anything from an accident which produced a lot of bleeding during transport, to bio mold cars, or any other variety of experiences might have rendered this vehicle as a biohazard automobile.

In which case, this car might be considered by yourself, or the previous owner, as something they no longer want taking up space in their driveway.

What is a Biohazard Car?Buying a Biohazard Car

If you get the opportunity to check out a car auction, you might have found the vehicle you are looking for in otherwise pristine working condition, with the exception that it is a biohazard car.

While tragic that it may have been the scene of a suicide, accident, murder, or another event which left it in otherwise unsalable condition, all hope is not lost for this vehicle to have a new lease on life.

The best car you could ever hope to own just might be within your grasp, and only a little TLC is needed to make owning it a reality. The cost of having this car cleaned is probably going to be more than offset by the sale price.

Selling a Biohazard Car

What is a Biohazard Car?In many cases an insurance company will actually pay to have blood cleaned from a vehicle, giving you the opportunity to offset the expense incurred by what may have happened inside the vehicle, or simply giving you the ability to sell off a possession that might have been at the center of a very painful memory.

Due to liability, you will not want to sell off a vehicle privately that is in need of cleaning blood, tissue, or other biological remains. As opposed to the advantage a buyer has at an auction in keeping the price low, your insurance company might cover the cost of cleaning the car without requiring you to drop your asking price.

Full disclosure of what has happened with the car will be able to include the caveat that “this vehicle has been professionally cleaned.”

Biohazard Vehicle Cleanup

It is not recommended to clean a biohazard car yourself, due to the types of chemicals used in the cleaning process. This could be quite dangerous to attempt without proper training.

For example, typical domestic cleaners are not powerful or effective enough to tackle a job like this, and with bio-hazardous materials, there is the element of pathology and contagion to consider. An industrial cleaner may damage the fabric or materials in the vehicle, or even be harmful to yourself if not used properly.

There is also the element of professional training to consider, as the professional will know the best way to clean a vehicle thoroughly and completely. From disassembly of certain hard-to-reach areas, to which cleaners work best on which surfaces, a professional will save you time as well as giving you the best possible outcome for cleaning a biohazard vehicle.

Hire a Pro

So whether you are a buyer who has just found the deal of a lifetime, or a seller looking to move on, hiring a company that specializes in blood remediation, mold removal, or biohazard cleanup might just be exactly what you are looking for.

Whether it was the site of a painful memory, or even if it is a vehicle that you’d like to keep but needs special cleaning, our 24/7 Emergency Cleaning Service is ready to help get you back on the road.