The Alarming Suicide Spike Among Medical Professionals

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The very people we depend upon to help us live healthy lives are ending their own in increasing numbers. Doctors, nurses, and medical students worldwide have a significantly higher suicide rate than their country’s general populations. Why are medical professionals at a higher risk of committing suicide? Mental Health Stigmas Contribute to Suicides One would think that medical professionals dealing with … Read More

Blood Cleanup Checklist

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It’s an unfortunate fact that at least once in their lifetime, everyone is faced with the task of cleaning up blood. Usually, it’s from a minor injury or nosebleed, but sometimes, it’s left behind after a serious accident at home, in the workplace, or in our vehicles. If you google, “how to clean blood?” you’ll get a lot of tips (and … Read More

Biohazard Remediation and the Hospitality Industry

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Biohazard Remediation and the Hospitality Industry

An unfortunate part of working in the hospitality industry is the likelihood that at some point, you or a staff member will encounter an unattended death, either in a guest’s room or elsewhere on the grounds. It happens at the most humble of motels, and the grandest of resorts. Does your company have a plan for when an employee discovers a death … Read More

Top Causes of Workplace Deaths and Serious Injuries

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Workplace Accidents Workplace accidents, unfortunately, do happen. Sometimes they are preventable, sometimes not. OSHA keeps regular statistics on the primary causes of deaths and serious injuries. In 2016, 5,190 workers were killed on the job. This is actually down on average – the trend has been down since 1970. Injuries have also dropped over the same period. For the most … Read More

Is Blood Cleanup in Your Job Description?

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Cleaning Up Blood Anyone who grew up watching ER or Grey’s Anatomy might get the impression that doctors and patients alike get covered in spilled (or spurting) blood on any given day. “Real life” Medical professionals—not those who just play doctors on TV—will tell you true stories about treating workplace injury patients, suicides, and victims of violent crime. While they’ll roll their eyes at the … Read More

Bloodborne Pathogens: Bio Recovery’s Comprehensive and Compliant Blood Remediation Services

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Bloodborne Pathogens It happens. A badly-injured patient walks into the waiting room of an urgent care facility, distributing blood on every surface she touches. An industrial accident at your manufacturing facility traumatizes your entire staff and leads to the loss of a human life. After the removal of the body, you’re left with the task of cleaning up human blood … Read More

Auto Buyers & Sellers: Beware the Biohazard Car

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Biohazard Cars Biohazard cars aren’t the vehicles that medical waste collectors use to make their rounds. They’re not even the label we assign to our teenager’s junker, filled with Bugles crumbs, junk food wrappers, and gym socks. Cars and RVs in which someone has committed suicide, experienced a serious nosebleed, or have otherwise excreted bodily fluids are candidates for classification … Read More

6 Steps for a Safe, Effective Blood Cleanup at Work

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Blood Cleanup Blog Post March 1

Blood Cleanup Blood spills at work can be unnerving or even frightening to some individuals, but there is no reason for panic as long as proper cleanup procedures are followed. Having the proper materials available plus knowing how to perform a thorough cleanup will make the process much smoother and less stressful for all involved. Below is more information about … Read More