Famous Outbreaks Throughout History

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Outbreaks Throughout History

Key PointsThe Ebola Outbreak (2013-2016)Spanish Flu (Pandemic of 1918-1919)SARS Outbreak (2003)Swine Flu (2009)Biohazards have affected us since the beginning of … Read More

10 Common Problems Senior Citizens May Try to Hide

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Key PointsCommon Issues Seniors FaceRecognizing Signs in a Loved OneWhy It’s a ProblemWhat Can Be DoneAs we get older, health … Read More

Bed Bugs, Head Lice and Crabs, Oh MY!

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Key PointsFacts About Head LiceFacts About Body LiceFacts About CrabsAbout Bed Bugs in the USParasites that feed on human blood … Read More

What Types of Mold Are Toxic?

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Types of Toxic Mold

Key PointsWhere is Toxic Mold Found?5 Types of Deadly Toxic MoldSigns You’ve Been ExposedHow to Get Tested For Mold ToxicityIt’s … Read More

Rainbow Fentanyl: What It Is and Why It’s Dangerous

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Key PointsWhat Is Rainbow Fentanyl?What Does It Look Like?States Currently Facing the Fentanyl EpidemicSteps to Take After Discovering an OverdoseIn … Read More

The OSHA Standards for Reducing Bloodborne Pathogen Risks

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OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and Risks

Key PointsTypes of Bloodborne PathogensOSHA Bloodborne Pathogens StandardImplementing an Exposure Control PlanInformation and TrainingA bloodborne pathogen (or BBP) is any … Read More

The 4 Types of Hazardous Waste

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Types of Hazardous Waste

Key PointsListed WasteCharacteristic or Non-listed WasteMixed WasteE-WasteHow to Properly Dispose of Hazardous WasteYou may think there is only one kind … Read More

Understanding OSHA Regulations for Biohazardous Waste

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OSHA Hazardous Waste Regulations

Key PointsTypes of Biohazardous MaterialRecognizing Biohazardous MaterialsEvaluating Exposure to Biohazardous SubstancesPrevention and ControlHazardous waste legislation went into effect when the … Read More

5 Outbreak Movies That Could’ve Predicted the Pandemic

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5 Top Viral Disease MoviesBefore the Fire (2020)Outbreak (1995)The Stand (1994)I Am Legend (2007)Rampage (2018)The idea of a deadly infectious … Read More

What is an Emerging Viral Pathogen (EVP)?

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Key-PointsWhat is an EVP?EPA GuidelinesActive EVP Cases (2022)Many new viruses emerge each year. The greatest concern are the “pathogenic viruses”,  … Read More