Unattended death cleanup

If you are in need of Unattended Death Cleanup services, call our hotline at 1-888-752-5001 for 24/7 assistance.

Any location where decomposition takes place needs to be properly restored by a professional cleanup team. Bearing witness to an unattended death is tragic and when it’s a loved one, the pain can be overwhelming to say the least.

Bio Recovery offers unattended death cleanup all through the U.S. so that families have someone to turn to in their time of need. We Sanitize and deodorize the area where the death took place is a strenuous task both physically and emotionally – don’t put yourself through that.

Body Decomposition Cleaning

An unnoticed death, whether it be by a couple of days, or years is classified as an unattended death. Body decomposition, though natural, is very hazardous to anyone in or around the area when and even after it has occurred; which is why licensed and certified cleanup professionals should always handle the location’s cleanup needs.

Many times a decomposing body will emit a smell in the air that’s hard not to recognize. The longer the body sits, the more dangerous the areas around it will become, as bodily fluids will leak out.

Decomposition attracts insects, due to the release of bacteria that occurs; which will allow the further spread of the toxic bacteria, consequently also increasing the smell.

After Death Cleaning Services

Many who have suffered an unattended death are barely recognized by family and friends. After a human body fails to pump oxygen to its cells, decay occurs and with rapid speed.

This is the cause for color distortion, longer fingernails, bodily fluids leaking and a different looking appearance.

This altered appearance can be distinguishable even with a medically monitored death but when an unattended death occurs the changes accelerate and intensify.

Our specialists within our company are experienced in dealing with such situations, whether caused by a suicide or crime scene, and will work diligently to provide restoration to your home.

Odor caused by unattended deathDecomposition, Odor Removal & Sanitation Services

We understand that you need time to process these events, we’ll be considerate, confidential, respectful and our cleanup team will arrive in unmarked vehicles, to ensure privacy in this matter.

We will speak to no one besides our team members and you, unless we are legally obligated. We are dedicated to helping you get through this time and decreasing the responsibilities left to you.

Restore Your Safety

Our certified cleanup technicians have the chemicals, experience, and procedure needed to fully restore a residential, commercial, industrial, public, even an outdoor environment affected by decomposition.

For the safety of everyone, our services are recommended. Often, our dead body cleanup services are covered by insurance and if not, we can work with you so you don’t need to expose yourself to a traumatic and dangerous cleanup task.

Dead body cleanup is one of most unfortunate jobs of all. We understand the last thing a friend, family or loved one wants to do is handle the cleanup. Sometimes an unattended death can leave behind a great deal of blood and body fluids and other times it is relatively contained to a small area – we are equipped to handle any cleanup, no matter the pathogens that may or may not exist.

Nationwide Unattended Death Cleanup

Bio Recovery will provide full and detailed decontamination services, odor removal as needed and remove any contaminated furniture and/or belongings. We use the latest biohazard waste removal techniques and technology to safely dispose of any remains. Even the residuals left behind by police and forensic examiners.

Our specialists are highly trained, certified, licensed, and insured technicians to take care of every detail associated with a suicide cleanup. Our company uses hospital grade disinfectants to properly clean and decontaminate pathogens, just as we use on any crime scene.

We have helped many families after the death of a loved one and I hope you never find yourself in a situation where you are in need of this service, but in the very unfortunate event you do need us we are here for you and we are just a phone call away.

We will handle the cleanup as quickly, discreetly and professionally as possible. Our vehicles will always be unmarked.

Contact Bio Recovery for our Dead Body & Unattended Death Cleanup Services – 24/7/365 at 1-888-752-5001.

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