Tear gas removal

Tear gas, riot gas, CS, CN or pepper spray is known as a non-lethal weapon used to diminish the dangers of certain situations.

Although riot or tear gas is not considered to be fatal the affects have proven to harmful and when a property is exposed to the gas it becomes absorbed into every element, from the furnishing to the HVAC and ventilation systems, ceilings to floors and every inch in-between.

Bio Recovery offers professional, certified tear gas cleanup restoration, nationwide. Tear Gas Clean Up is something most homeowners never expect to have to need, but when it does, Bio Recovery is here to help.

Health Risks of Tear Gas Contact:

  • Skin Irritation
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Motor Control Loss
  • Harm to Eyes, Nose and Throat
  • Death (rare cases)

Remediation Services to Prevent Skin Irritation, Respiratory Problems and More

Long term effects and health risks of exposure to the chemicals contained in tear or riot gas can lead to permanent heart and liver damage. It is important that a highly trained professional completely remediates the entire property that has been exposed.

Professional riot or tear gas decontamination is recommended from both a safety and investment point of view. Bio Recovery has the techniques, tools, equipment, specialists and experience to completely remove the residue and odor left using our Tear Gas Clean Up techniques. Tear Gas Cleanup is essential if your property has been affected.

Tear Gas Removal

The harmful residue consumes the property, which is why our certified remediation specialists are equipped with personal safety gear and start the decontamination at the farthest point and work our way towards the entrances and exits.

This will ensure no area will experience cross-contamination and our professionals will seal and mark every area upon successful decontamination. This process is divided into steps, in which we cover the entire location. Our cleanup service are confirmed by on-site testing of the location.

Tear gas residue will not go away with time, the chemicals must be properly treated and removed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Bio Recovery is experienced and trained nationwide in tear and riot gas remediation, we have air purifiers that will cleanse the air of any lingering residue and chemicals that will break through the film that covers your property.

Whether the property is residential, commercial, industrial or even public – our biohazard cleanup technicians can guarantee complete sanitation. Our restoration work will be followed up by proper disposal, just as we use when cleaning a trauma or crime scene.

Contact Bio Recovery for professional Tear Gas Cleanup Services at 1-888-752-5001, safety is our number one concern.

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