Biohazard Cleanup

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Biohazards are blood, tissue, and body fluids that may contain harmful pathogens. Crime, accident, hoarding, and unattended death scenes require careful cleanup and sanitization, and the legal and safe disposal of contaminated materials.

It’s not a simple process.

Effective biohazard cleanup requires experience, the right equipment and cleaning compounds, and a field-tested action plan customized to each situation. Well-meaning loved ones and property owners quickly learn that cleaning up blood, human tissue, decomposition, and other organic waste can become psychologically and physically overwhelming.

Green biohazard cleaning symbolWho cleans up blood and body fluid biohazards?

Property owners and site administrators are ultimately responsible for cleaning up biohazardous material, but they don’t have to take on the job themselves. That’s when they call in privately-operated companies dedicated to disaster restoration, specifically those who are experts in cleaning up blood spills and decomposition.

Bio Recovery is among the most trusted and experienced biohazard cleaning company, with teams across the United States ready to respond 24/7. 

Sometimes we’re referred to as “crime scene cleaners“, and we do step in to remediate the aftermath of violent crimes, but it’s more accurate to call those of us in the industry biohazard cleaning or trauma restoration companies.

Our certified and empathetic Bio Recovery teams are experienced in addressing accident and death cleanup scenarios that would further traumatize the average person, especially if they’ve suffered the loss of a family member or co-worker to suicide, a workplace injury, or unattended death.

We also clean up residences, medical facilities, and other premises that have become contaminated by disease outbreaks or exposure to dangerous pathogens.

Here’s what we do:

Residential Cleanup

Whether you need cleanup of a single room, an apartment, or an entire home, we work with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and help you with financing options to pay for our services. If the biohazard contamination was the result of a crime, your city or state likely offers assistance through victim’s advocacy programs.

Bio Recovery handles these arrangements so you can focus on meeting your emotional needs and those of your loved ones.

As soon as our estimate is accepted and we are given access to the property, we use our professional equipment, eco-friendly, hospital-grade cleaning solutions, and extensive protocols to make sure the premises are truly free of human tissue and body fluids so you can return to a clean home devoid of shocking physical reminders of the incident.

We also clean up biohazards associated with complex and simple hoarding cases, including those in which animal remains and waste are present.

Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Cleaning

Our long list of clients includes schools, daycares, detention facilities, surgical centers, hospitals, and manufacturing plants. We also work with contaminated food handling companies, whether they be processing facilities or restaurant chains.

Hotel and motel chains frequently require biohazard cleanup due to the unfortunate frequency of suicides and other unattended deaths at their locations.

In the event of an infectious disease outbreak, our biohazard response teams use CDC protocols to sanitize high-risk environments and quickly perform top-to-bottom disinfection faster and more thoroughly than would be possible if left to in-house janitorial staff.

On-the-job accidents often cause loss to valuable equipment due to extensive biohazard contamination. Insurance may write off equipment as a loss,  but until it’s replaced productivity stands still.

Thorough cleaning and sanitation by experienced biohazard technicians reduces your company’s claim while getting your line back in production.

Bio Recovery professional teams strictly adhere to OSHA health regulations when removing, sanitizing, and disposing of biohazardous materials.

We can help you develop emergency protocols in advance to help us to respond and cooperate with your facility managers in a discreet, efficient, and safe manner without exposing your staff, patients, and clients to trauma and inconvenience.

Does your current emergency plan require you or your employees to handle potentially hazardous and unpleasant human residue? Our teams are trained and equipped—mentally as well as technically—for the most difficult situations.

Vehicle and Equipment Sanitation

Accidents, illnesses, and even childbirth leave behind body fluids and solids that quickly infiltrate difficult-to-reach vehicle interiors. We regularly address biohazard cleanup in commercial and rental fleet units, boats, aircraft, RVs, and private vehicles.

Salvage, resale, and insurance companies trust us to clean and sanitize vehicles that would otherwise merit a “biohazard vehicle” title designation.

Public safety and ambulance agencies bring their vehicles to us when they’ve been contaminated by tear gas, pepper spray, excessive blood and body fluids, and highly-contagious diseases.

The odors and stains caused by biohazard spills greatly reduce a vehicle’s value. Comprehensive auto insurance covers vehicle damage, and we can help you file your claim for biohazard cleanup costs.

Arrows showing levels of hoardingThe Biohazard Cleanup Process

First, call Bio Recovery’s customer care specialists anytime at 1-888-627-2149

As soon as possible, any time of the day or night, call us to request a quote. Have your insurance policy information on hand and be prepared to answer basic questions about the property and nature of the biohazard contamination.

Our customer care staff will walk you through the quote process, and in most cases will work directly with your insurance company to approve your claim.

Our teams respond within hours, if not minutes

The sooner we can address your biohazard crisis, the better. Once on-scene, Bio Recovery technicians inspect the site and create a custom cleanup action plan based on EPA, CDC, and OSHA guidelines and our own comprehensive checklist.

If our customer service staff hasn’t already done so, they’ll order roll-off trash containers (also called dumpsters) to contain any non-contaminated yet destroyed materials.

We follow strict safety protocols

Our team will divide the property by zones so clean areas aren’t contaminated during the project. Each technician will put on protective clothing, footwear, masks, and gloves for their own safety and change them as needed so as not to spread harmful pathogens.

These steps are often overlooked during “do-it-yourself” cleaning attempts.

We remove obvious surface contamination

Upon arriving at a death or trauma scene it’s clear which areas need attention first. We use special absorbent compounds to quickly soak up pooled fluids.

Sometimes human tissue is left behind which we safely contain. (It’s possible to arrange delivery to funeral services or law enforcement as requested.) We also remove insects and used first aid supplies.

We salvage what we can without compromising safety

Saturated sections of carpet and upholstery are cut out and disposed of. We often have to cut through subflooring, tile, ceilings, and subflooring to access areas where biohazardous fluids have soaked in.

We use safe, effective odor-neutralizing and disinfecting solutions

Once our biohazard cleaning teams have removed all obvious signs of contamination, they wipe down and sanitize all surfaces in the area. Whenever appropriate, we use enzyme-based cleaning solutions approved by the CDC.

These destroy pathogens as well as odor-causing bacteria without leaving behind telltale odors.

Overuse of chlorine-based cleaners leaves toxins and telltale odors in the environment. It also breeds chlorine-resistant viruses and bacteria.

Bleach is corrosive and can cause further physical damage to surfaces and structural materials. We reserve chlorine-based products for sites known to have been exposed to major infectious diseases.

We inspect, clean, inspect, clean, and sanitize… and inspect again

Throughout the process, we check and double-check our work. We know how easily biohazard waste can permeate unexpected areas, especially in the chaos following the discovery of a body or first responders’ lifesaving efforts.

Furniture gets moved, drawers and cabinets are opened and shut, often hiding stains and tissue.

We also carefully inspect the following in primary and secondary contamination zones:

  • Molding
  • Fixtures and switches
  • HVAC ducts, vents, and intakes
  • Decorative furnishings and knickknacks

We’re often called in to finish and repair the damage left behind by less-experienced biohazard cleaning companies or unskilled individuals. Residual organic matter encourages mold growth and pests and leaves behind foul odors.

It’s not unusual to hear about occupants finding teeth, bone fragments, or tissue long after the supposed cleanup is complete.

We dispose of all contaminated waste

Contaminated material must be specially bagged and labeled as biohazardous waste. Uncontaminated material is disposed of in dumpsters or contractor-grade garbage bags, which our teams will later carry away.

Whenever it’s cost-effective to our clients without compromising safety, we separate materials to reduce unnecessary disposal costs.

You give your final approval

Once our job is complete, you’re invited to join us for a final inspection. We’re happy to answer any questions about how we’ve made your home safe and sanitary.

At this time, if we’ve removed drywall, flooring, or other construction materials, you may want to bring in contractors with experience in emergency restoration. Feel free to ask us for recommendations.

Bio Recovery: We’re Experts at Biohazard Cleanup

Bio Recovery is a top-rated biohazard cleanup company with over two decades of experience. We’ve cleaned up death and trauma scenes of all scopes and sizes, sanitizing surfaces, textiles, HVAC systems, and structural components.

Hoarding cleanup company phoneOur teams work quickly and discreetly so you, your family, your customers, and your employees can return to a safe home or workplace.

When you need us, our professional, compassionate coordinators are standing by 24/7, any time of day or night. We can’t make everything better, but we will make things right at your home or place of business with little or no out-of-pocket cost to you.

For Professional Biohazard Cleanup Removal Services contact Bio Recovery at 1-888-752-5001.

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