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When an accident, trauma, or death occurs on a property, the presence of blood, body fluids, and potentially harmful pathogens require careful cleanup and sanitization.

Bio Recovery teams are experienced in addressing trauma and death cleanup scenarios that would further traumatize the average person, especially if they’ve suffered the loss of a family member or co-worker to suicide, a workplace injury, or unattended death. We also clean up residences, medical facilities, and other premises that have become contaminated by disease outbreaks or exposure to dangerous pathogens.

Sometimes we’re referred to as “crime scene cleaners“, and we do step in to remediate the aftermath of violent crimes, but it’s more accurate to call those of us in the industry biohazard cleaning companies.

Green biohazard cleaning symbolResidential Cleanup

Many people aren’t aware that biohazard cleanup services exist. They try to take on the unpleasant task of cleaning up after a death, traumatic accident, or violent incident themselves without realizing the emotional and financial cost of using the wrong techniques and materials or being psychologically unprepared to experience the process.

Whether you need cleanup of a single room, an apartment, or an entire home, we work with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and help you with financing options to pay for our services. If the biohazard contamination was the result of a crime, your city or state likely offers assistance through victim’s advocacy programs. Bio Recovery handles these arrangements so you can focus on meeting your emotional needs and those of your loved ones.

As soon as our estimate is accepted and we are given access to the property, we use our professional equipment, eco-friendly, hospital-grade cleaning solutions, and extensive protocols to make sure the premises are truly free of human tissue and body fluids so you can return to a clean home devoid of shocking physical reminders of the incident.

Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Cleaning

Our long list of commercial clients includes detention facilities, surgical centers, hospitals, and manufacturing plants. We also work with contaminated food handling companies, whether they be processing facilities or restaurant chains. Hotel and motel chains frequently require biohazard cleanup due to the unfortunate frequency of suicides and other unattended deaths at their locations.

Bio Recovery professional teams strictly adhere to OSHA health regulations when removing, sanitizing, and disposing of biohazardous materials. We can help you develop emergency protocols in advance to help us to respond and cooperate with your facility managers in a discreet, efficient, and safe manner without exposing your staff, patients, and clients to trauma and inconvenience.

Does your current emergency plan require you or your employees to handle potentially hazardous and unpleasant human residue? Our teams are trained and equipped—mentally as well as technically—for the most difficult situations.

Bio Recovery: We’re Experts at Biohazard Cleanup

Bio Recovery is a top-rated biohazard cleanup company with over two decades of experience. We’ve cleaned up death and trauma scenes of all scopes and sizes, sanitizing surfaces, textiles, HVAC systems and structural components.

Blood, tissue, and body fluid contamination usually affects areas and surfaces beyond what untrained eye can detect, and our inspection and remediation checklist ensures we’ve done a thorough job sanitizing your home.

  • We eliminate, rather than simply deodorize, the source of offensive odors.
  • We remove and dispose of permanently contaminated materials.
  • We clean and thoroughly disinfect cars, boats, RVs, and fleet vehicles, protecting them from being titled a “biohazard vehicle“.
  • We coordinate with restoration contractors to ensure your property is returned to pre-trauma condition.

When you need us, our professional, compassionate coordinators are standing by 24/7, any time of day or night. We can’t make everything better, but we will make things right at your home or place of business with little or no out-of-pocket cost to you.

For Professional Biohazard Removal Services contact Bio Recovery at 1-888-752-5001.

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