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When first responders and law enforcement officials release a property after a criminal investigation, who is responsible for crime scene cleanup? Thorough inspection and decontamination of the premises is an emotionally taxing endeavor, and if not correctly done, can cause lasting damage and, in the case of undetected tissue and stains, the potential for re-traumatization if discovered at a later time.

When blood spills aren’t properly sanitized, there’s the high risk of spreading pathogens, especially those that survive outside of the body for days, weeks, or even months.

Crime scene being cleaned upWe are a crime scene cleanup company with more than 20 years’ experience cleaning up after trauma, homicides, and other biohazard contamination. We’ve maintained an outstanding customer rating and are proud to share recent testimonials

We rely largely on customer referrals, many of which are passed along to surviving crime victims and their families by sympathetic first responders, insurance companies, property managers, and funeral directors.  At Bio Recovery, we’ve maintained the respect and trust of clients in the private, commercial, industrial, and government sectors.

What Is a Crime Scene?

When the word crime scene is mentioned, many typically think of a larger scale, often graphic event which involves police, ambulances, caution tape, etc. While these generally do constitute as crime scenes, the term is certainly not limited to those specific situations.

Any instance where there is any type of cleaning necessary involving something that took place in which the law was broken can be classified as a crime scene, and thus requiring the service of a professional cleaning company.

In many cases, these crime scenes are often not large spectacles at all. They could involve just a minuscule amount of blood, or even no blood at all. These situations are often the most dangerous because they are overlooked. Even if there is no visible residue from an event that took place, there are still a number of factors that must be addressed to get the location completely back to normal.

Contacting a certified company such as Bio Recovery is always essential. We will be able to handle all of your questions and concerns directly over the phone, 24/7. If next steps are required after the initial call, our experts will walk you through to make the process quick and effortless.

Our Process

Once contacting us, our specialists are always on standby fully prepared to aid you in getting your situation taken care of immediately. You will be automatically connected to a live rep who will assess your situation, and go over the following course of action this will take place. If need be, we can typically have a crew out to you within hours.

Our staff is dedicated to restoring the property to it’s pre-trauma condition in a professional, respectful, and discreet manner. We follow a comprehensive checklist for cleaning up crime scenes contaminated by the following:

We also remove residue left behind by law enforcement and illicit drug use:

All of our techniques and protocols adhere to EPA, OSHA, and CDC requirements and recommendations.

Cleanup Pricing

We’ll ask you for the details necessary for us to provide you with an accurate estimate, and we’ll send out a crime scene cleaner crew as soon as you regain access to your property. We will accommodate to your schedule, so if you need the cleanup to take place at a certain time of day, day of the week, etc., we will be there at that time. Generally speaking, we recommend getting the job done sooner rather than later, as the more time that passes, the more potentially dangerous the situation can become.

We work directly with your insurance provider. A very large percentage of the crime scene cleanups that we perform are fully covered by insurance. This is homeowners insurance if the incident occurred at home, car insurance if the incident effected your vehicle, and so on.

The Bio Recovery support staff has no problem working with your insurance provider directly if that’s what you wish, so you don’t have to worry about that end of the situation whatsoever. Insurance typically covers the full cost of the cleanup so there is no out of pocket cost to you.

If you do not have insurance, we also accept all major credit cards, and even provide payment plans to aid those who may need a little time to pay for the service. Bio Recovery dispatchers can also refer you to your local victim support agencies to help with financial relief, which include funds aimed specifically for those facing similar situations.

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