Nobody can ever be fully prepared to deal with an immediate life or death trauma situation, but all of us at Bio Recovery are ready to help you in your moment of distress.

Crime scene clean, cleaning, and cleanup are highly searched terms by folks that call on us for help in their time of need.  It takes a special skill set of some incredibly dedicated people in a crime scene cleanup business to respond to difficult situations.  At Bio Recovery, we pride ourselves on delivering caring, immediate, and trusted crime scene cleaning services 24 hours a day.

Some crime scene cleanup companies don’t pay attention to details of a case or even mistakenly dispatch unqualified workers to a scene – causing delays in expediting help to your situation.  Our live operators always get it right at the outset of phase one of your service call.  Every communication we get is treated with respect as a unique situation, not an everyday occurrence.  We understand that for many of you summoning our services are likely and actively experiencing life-changing events that can involve feelings of despair, sadness, and trauma.

Our certified nationwide crime scene cleanup teams cover commercial and residential needs.  We have a BBB reputation and A+ rating for more than 17 years helping families and authorities in crime scene cleanup.  As required, our licensed and insured crime scene cleanup business also provides insurance payment options.  Homeowners insurance has helped thousands of our clients pay for our services. Speak to one of our service representatives to find out if you are qualified for insurance coverage under your current plan.

Our services include crime scene cleanup, homicide and suicide cleanup, unattended death, blood clean up, tear gas removal, biohazard remediation and removal, hoarder clean up, communicable disease disinfection, lead paint removal, meth lab cleaning, mold remediation, and Ebola virus decontamination.

Insurance coverage is available for most of our services listed above and we also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Ask our call center representative about what options are available to you.

Trauma Scene Restoration Services

A crime scene can involve homicide, suicide, assault, and other actions that often lead to blood, body fluids and even death. But what happens when a situation normally found only on your TV screen comes to life? The results are much more intense than even the most dramatic show on network television because it touches your life, your property and everyone you hold dear. Bio Recovery is a professional Crime Scene Cleanup Company that offers our Certified Sanitation Services throughout the United States. After the law enforcement personnel, investigators and forensic scientists leave, the location of the crime is still covered in the evidence and left for the victim’s grieving family or the property owner. If you’re in this situation, contact Bio Recovery for help!

Trauma Scene Clean Up and Crime Scene Restoration Services

Not only is the task of removing the evidence of a violent death horrific but it also comes with multiple health risks to the person actually doing the cleaning and anyone entering the area in the future. All bodily fluids are considered a biohazard and can lead to infection. Whether you’re wanting to restore the crime scene to continue living in the area or you’d like to sell your property, our services can guarantee safety for everyone. Our trauma cleaning technicians have the required certifications needed to sanitize the area, the permits to dispose of any unrestorable items and we are passionate about handling crime scenes that most would turn away from. Our motivation is to ensure no more pain comes from the crimes that have been committed and that everyone affected can have their best chance to heal, without needing to worry about getting the environment back to safety.

Extensive Training is Needed for Safety After a Crime

To effectively eliminate health hazards and return an area back to its pre-incident standing extensive training is needed. Our entire team has been Certified, continues on-going training and is properly licensed for the cleanup services we provide. We are always equipped with personal protective gear, industry leading disinfectants, waste containers, foggers, air purifiers and many other tools that allow us to properly complete the crime scene decontamination task at hand. Our crime scene cleanup services ensure the entire area is sanitized, therefore eliminating any chances of contracting bloodborne pathogens, such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B and C. Contracting any of these microscopic organisms, like those listed above, can bring life-long health issues that cannot be reversed.

Homicide Cleanup

Homicide, also known as murder, is a violent act that takes a person’s life. The scene of a homicide is hard to handle for most and cleaning up what evidence is left something no one needs to experience, especially if grieving. Many times, blood not only covers the floor but walls and ceilings also have traces. Our homicide cleanup professionals will restore what was once a place you felt safe. We will deal with all the indications of the horrible crime that occurred, so you can focus your energy on your family and healing.

Suicide Cleanup

Suicide is painful. Don’t magnify that pain by trying to clean up the evidence on your own. Bio Recovery offers suicide clean up services, so that we can help ease your stress at this time. We can remove all that is left and decontaminate the area to eliminate any possible future health threats.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Bio Recovery offers Unattended Death Clean Up services nationwide. Depending on how long a human body is allowed to sit for, irreparable damage can occur to floors, carpeting, and furniture. Our cleaners are certified in removing all odors associated with decomposition and will restore affected rooms to safety from any pathogens that might be present.

Discreet Crime Scene Cleanup

The events that directly affected your life have no business being shared by anyone but you. At Bio Recovery, not only will you experienced our compassionate and understanding team of professionals, you will also experience our complete discretion. We will not say a word to media, neighbors or anyone else asking unless we are legally obligated. You deserve privacy and respect, especially in this hard time. We offer our services anytime, day or night and show up to your location unmarked.

After the local PD and authorities have performed an investigation, we know you will want to get back to living your life the way it was before the incident but please DO NOT attempt to clean the crime scene on your own, nor take the risk of calling in a routine cleaning service. It might seem tempting, but there are health and safety concerns when dealing with trauma scene clean up, from the persistence of decomposition odor to the very real danger of bacteria and infectious disease spreading to your loved ones.

By calling in trained cleaners such as Bio Recovery. you are able to take a step back and know that your health and safety are in good hands. Our company is here to help you with all crime scene clean up and trauma scene clean up needs in a professional and timely manner 24/7 just give us a call. For Residential, Commercial or any other location that needs Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Services contact Bio Recovery at 1-888-752-5001.

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