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If you are in need of professional suicide cleanup services, Bio Recovery is just a call away. All families, friends, property owners, and authorities afflicted by such a painful experience deserve an experienced crew on site. Our certified technicians and trained staff understand the discreet, caring, and private nature our clients expect during a suicide cleanup process. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the crime scene cleanup industry. As anyone will tell you, our reputation was built on “the client comes first” mentality – this is the only way these incredibly difficult cleanup situations are managed.

Cleaning Process

After an overwhelming traumatic experience takes place, there are safety procedures authorities will follow to stabilize an affected environment. Then the cleaning process begins with us. Our specialists complete the cleaning process with a step-by-step tried and tested protocol that makes the arduous process of suicide cleanup manageable. First and foremost, our crews will focus on the removal of any potentially dangerous biological matter from a home or business. A premium is placed on safety in all situations that includes containment, cleaning, and disinfecting. The result at the conclusion of this process is to restore the living environment to its pre-incident state.

Payment Options

We take as much time as you need to complete the job at the site. When you place the initial call to us, we can give estimations as to the cost of a cleanup. An assessment can be made by offering us details such as: how many rooms affected, flooring details, size of home or business, biohazard waste that needs disposal, carpet, etc.

When you call our headquarters, ask about payment options. Most of our biohazard and suicide cleanup inside a home or apartment is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Do you have a deductible? We can guide you through how the process works and can also speak to your insurance company on your behalf with your permission as well. In addition, if you don’t have homeowner’s insurance, we accept credit card payments and other options. Please feel free to ask one of our representatives over the phone how we can help you.

Call Today

In conclusion, crime scene cleaners are always on call 24 hours a day for a variety of unique situations. These include violent deaths, hoarding, blood cleanup, meth labs, fingerprint powder removal, mold remediation. Each of these carry unforeseen dangers and unpleasant elements. Categorized in the profession as “secondary responders,” arriving after the police, paramedics and coroner have left. At a crime scene, the environment is typically already secured, ready for the specialized crew to begin working.

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