Decomp & Odor Removal

Body decomposition creates terrible odors that require professional attention. Bio Recovery offers 24/7 decomposition and odor removal services, nationwide.


Odor & Decomposition Cleanup

Decomposition odor occurs as a result of an unattended death, crime scene, trauma, and can even involve pets, food, or drinks.

If what you are smelling is highly potent, chances are that your health can be seriously affected. Our body’s senses are designed to protect us from harm, and that odor you are smelling can do more than just turn stomachs.

Bio Recovery has a full team of certified cleanup specialists that offer body decomposition odor removal services.

Professional Odor Eliminators & Cleaning Services

There are many health risks, which hopefully you or your loved ones have not yet experienced, when dealing with dangerous substances.

Our certified body decomposition odor removal team will completely decontaminate the area by eradicating each and every possible health risk associated with the odor.

We are trained, equipped, and experienced in successfully disinfecting and eliminating odors of all kinds, including those caused by:

  • Death & Decomposition               
  • Animals
  • Biohazards & Waste                   
  • Garbage & Hoarding
  • Mold & Mildew                              
  • Smoke

Our Expertise

We've encountered a diverse array of biohazard and decomposition cleaning situations, so never hesitate to ask our customer relations agents or technicians how we can help.

Additionally, our standards consistently exceed Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) requirements for biohazard materials handling and disposal.

Who We Are

We've established ourselves as an industry leader through our two decades in the field of odor remediation. We are in service nationwide, and have worked in every situation from private homes and businesses, to police stations and hospitals, and more.

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The Odor Removal Process

In our 20+ years in business, we have managed to simplify the remediation process from start to finish, entirely taking the burden off of you and your family.

Below is a step by step breakdown of our Decomposition & Odor Removal process:

Our representatives are sympathetic, compassionate, and understanding to all situations. Rest assured that your call will be handled professionally, even if you are unsure of the source of the odor. When you call, be prepared to describe the smell and location. A technician may ask you to take pictures. If the odor is potentially hazardous, we can have a team dispatched to your location within the same day.

Can Odors Be Dangerous?

Decomposition odors can be caused by anything from just the common spill of a beverage that's penetrated too deep for traditional cleaning methods, all the way to bodily fluids such as blood leftover from unfortunate events such as trauma and crime scenes.

These odors are not only unpleasant, but may provide evidence of health hazards such as bacteria or harmful gases such as H²S, more commonly known as “sewer gas.” This gas, typically derived from the decomposition of organic materials and bodily fluids, can be toxic at certain levels.

Decomposition odors may also indicate the presence of dangerous airborne pathogens. Airborne particles are a major cause of respiratory ailments causing allergies, asthma, and pathogenic infections of the respiratory tract.

Pricing & Payment Plan

We make the payment process as simple as possible by dealing directly with your insurance provider. Insurance fully covers the cost of the cleanup in a majority of these situations.

  • Insurance Claim

    Insurance covers almost all decomp cleaning costs. If you have your policy information on hand when you call us, we’ll work with the claims department on your behalf.

  • Direct Payment Options

    We’re flexible with our direct-payment options, and can help you determine the best financing plan based on your out-of-pocket costs, policy payouts, and victim’s aid benefits.

  • Victim’s Assistance Funds

    We can help connect you with the most appropriate funding sources to help with coverage gaps, deductibles, or out-of-pocket expenses. Read more about it on our pricing and payments page.

For your convenience, we accept:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Credit Cards
  • Payment Plans
  • Cash
  • Victim’s Resources

Permanent Toxic Odor Removal

When odors become overwhelming, they commonly become toxic as well. Whether it’s an animal decomposing, bodily fluids, or rotting food – dangerous pathogens can be airborne and inhaled.

If you have a lingering smell on your property, residential or industrial, that you just can’t get rid of, or if you’ve pinpointed the exact source of the smell, our decontamination specialists can locate the origin and eliminate any risks associated with it.

Bio Recovery’s decomposition odor removal services are here for you.

Google Reviews From Our Clients

Jysseca Gohn
Jysseca Gohn
The technician, Justin Penn, was helpful, polite and respectful. Made this part of the process so much easier for everyone. Would recommend services to others in need.
Joshua Gohn
Joshua Gohn
Quick service, very respectful, and the service tech (Justin Penn) had a great understanding of what he was doing and how to help me. I was in a very dark place and this company felt like a light in the dark. Thank you so much for a job well done.
Golden Hands construction
Golden Hands construction
Good service in Eastport.
Rasson Elliott
Rasson Elliott
Good service. Obviously not a great thing to need help with but they do feel like they care and didn’t make the situation worse.
Carolyn Wells
Carolyn Wells
This team was an absolute God send to my family on one of the darkest days of our lives. They are professional yet compassionate, friendly, easy to talk to, answers any questions you need and just truly have a heart of caring. It’s more than a job. I feel that it’s a ministry. They were helpful in so many ways. Thank you so much, David and Brandy for what you do. God bless you.
Jacqueline Frangoulis
Jacqueline Frangoulis
Wonderful company! Would definitely recommend!
Nancy Marksteiner
Nancy Marksteiner
Highly recommend this company! Excellent service and compassionate employees which was so needed during this difficult time

Frequently Asked Questions

Decomposition removal is something we hope to never go through, but is necessary when it happens. It's completely normal to have questions. If you have questions beyond the ones mentioned questions below, absolutely feel free to ask when you call.

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