Odor Removal for Hospitality and Rental Property Managers

Joe MayOdor Removal

Hospitality managers and rental property managers, we’re looking at you. Put down that bottle of fabric freshener and slowly back away. You’re not just covering up offensive odors with temporary, ineffective, and potentially harmful chemicals, you’re waving a red flag: Something’s wrong here!

Have you ever walked into a motel room that had such a strong chemical odor that you just know there might be something to those stories about decomposing bodies under hotel beds? When showing a rental to potential tenants, did they ask if you’re legally required to disclose it as a death scene? They were likely tipped off by the haze of carpet powder around their ankles, or the sixteen empty spray bottles of a product rhyming with “the wheeze” in the curbside garbage bin.

If your property smells like you’re staging a cover-up, your tenants and guests will likely assume the worst. You might only be trying to offset the aftermath of a long-since-remedied mildew issue, but your clients won’t feel at ease. They’ll want to know what you’re hiding, and they’ll wonder how bad it would have had to be to cause you to douse the premises with irritating chemicals. Since the sense of smell is tied to our emotions and memories, it’s less likely that you can turn things around if a potential tenant or guest has taken exception to a room’s olfactory ambiance.

Have you considered hiring an odor-removal specialist? I bet you didn’t know we exist!

Crime scene or not, we eliminate that “guilty” smell

Our core business is biohazard cleanup, and our reputation depends on our ability to identify, isolate, and remove all traces of biological and chemical residue left after trauma so residents and employees can return to a safe, clean, and sanitized environment. We’re equipped to eliminate any sensory reminders of the event, and odors, in particular, require special care. Improperly sanitized and deodorized surfaces, furniture, flooring, and fixtures harbor bacteria that can emit foul odors days, weeks, or months after the initial event… even through layers of fresh paint.

As hospitality professionals know, many people choose to end their lives in rented rooms to spare their families the trauma of witnessing and cleaning up after a suicide. The public knows this too. Sensationalist news features and the rising popularity of true crime entertainment have shed light on the frequency in which violent or otherwise “messy” deaths occur in overnight, vacation, or longtime residential rentals.

But the truth is, the most offensive house odors have the most common causes:

  • Unskilled or poorly-equipped carpet cleaning practices
  • Insufficient air circulation and venting (especially in kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Tenants with poor housekeeping habits
  • Smoke residue
  • Improper cleanup of pet urine or feces
  • Mold and mildew
  • The overburdened or inefficient housekeeping staff
  • Faulty plumbing configurations, sealing, and venting

Let’s not forget the accumulated chemicals from those artificial fragrances and ineffective deodorizers you’ve been using for years. Not only do they trigger suspicion, but they cause respiratory irritation among the average inhabitants.

Clear the air with Bio Recovery

People love to make a stink on social media and review sites when they’ve had unpleasant experiences, and rightly so. As biohazard cleanup professionals, we’re acutely aware of the “Ew! Somebody must have totally died here!” trope as it’s applied to hotels, motels, real estate listings, and rental properties. After all, when somebody does pass away, it’s our job to eliminate any trace of odors, body fluids, tissue, and blood, and we do it using proprietary cleaning processes that are environmentally-friendly and effective and have no lasting fragrance.

Our hospitality, commercial, industrial, and residential clients include Bio Recovery in their emergency response protocols, and more of them are taking advantage of our odor-abatement services on a routine basis. Our rates are competitive with those you likely pay to outside cleaning services, but our experience in OSHA-compliant environmental and biohazard cleaning ensures an entirely different level of effectiveness. We can find and neutralize odor sources your staff aren’t equipped to address, and as always, we work quickly and discreetly.

Cleanliness is essential to your reputation and bottom line, and to the health and well-being of your clientele and staff. Are “cover-up” fragrances causing your guests and tenants to think twice about your property’s history and sanitation? Help them feel comfortable, safe, and “at home” with a clean slate. Contact Bio Recovery at 1-888-630-1945 for an estimate on our odor-elimination services. And don’t forget: we’re available 24/7 for emergency calls because you never know when the next essential oil or scented candle MLM convention is going to roll into town!